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Craies on Legislation
Craies on Legislation
11th Edition, 2nd Supplement
Practice Area:  Legal Profession
ISBN:  9780414070059
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  30 Nov 2018
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Craies on Legislation is a practitioner’s guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation. It provides practical guidance about legislation in the United Kingdom. The book’s approach is to focus on providing answers to questions that are likely to occur to the users of legislation. Where possible, reliance is placed on concise quotation from judicial decisions and other relevant documents. The book looks at the nature of legislation, the legislative process, the effect of legislation, the interpretation of legislation and the nature, process and effect and interpretation of European legislation.

Key features:
  • Looks at the nature of legislation
  • Examines the legislative process
  • Examines the effect of legislation
  • Provides an interpretation of legislation
  • Outlines the nature, process, effect and interpretation of European legislation
  • Enables practitioners to keep on the right side of difficult legislation, such as the Human Rights Act and EC law
  • Focuses on providing answers to questions that are likely to occur to the users of legislation in daily practice
  • Explains recent trends in statutory interpretation
  • Relies, where possible, on concise quotation from judicial decisions and other relevant documents to clarify points
  • Includes coverage of interpreting regulations and secondary legislation, the devolved legislation of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and European legislation
  • Unique in looking at the Parliamentary process and treatment of legislation and the nature of legislation

  • Concepts and classes; 
  • Acts of Parliament; 
  • Subordinate legislation; 
  • Devolved legislation; 
  • Primary legislation; 
  • Subordinate legislation; 
  • Devolved legislation; 
  • Drafting of legislation; 
  • Access to legislation; 
  • Timing; 
  • Extent and application; 
  • Statutory rights, powers and duties; 
  • Statutory corporations; 
  • Effect on other law; 
  • Errors in legislation; 
  • Introduction to statutory interpretation; 
  • The cardinal rule: construction according to plain meaning; 
  • Literal or purposive interpretation; 
  • Rebuttable presumptions of Construction; 
  • Other canons and principles of Construction; 
  • Expressions which change meaning over time; 
  • The Interpretation Act 1978; 
  • Other general interpretation provisions; 
  • Other specific interpretation provisions; 
  • Section 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998; 
  • Use of parts of legislation other than text for construction; 
  • Use of extraneous materials in construing legislation; 
  • The rule in Pepper v Hart; 
  • Interpretation of special kinds of legislation; 
  • Nature of European Legislation; 
  • The legislative process; 
  • Effect and interpretation; 
  • Appendix Extracts and Appendices
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