The products you are purchasing are subject to our terms and conditions (“Terms”). Different Terms apply to different products and where you are buying different types of products more than one set of Terms may apply to your order. Please see below for the Terms that may be relevant to your purchase. If you are in any doubt, please contact us on 0345 600 9355. We are adding new products to our range all the time, so please refer to this page regularly.

Product Type Examples/Explanation Applicable Terms (click on link to read)
CD Roms (excluding JCT Digital for which see below) In addition to the Terms of Trading, a CD ROM licence. CD-ROM Licence Agreement (TRPUK)

CD-ROM Licence Agreement (TRI)
Event Terms and Conditions for Sweet & Maxwell, Practical Law and IDS events. Events Terms and Conditions
Federated Search & Knowledge Management Solcara Legal Search Licence Agreement
IDS Contract Research Services Contract research and consultancy services provided under the IDS brand. Terms of Trading
JCT Digital JCT Contracts Digital Service Licence Agreement. JCT Digital Licence
JCT Construct JCT Construct Licence Agreement. JCT Construct Licence
JCT On Demand (an online service) JCT On Demand allows users to purchase a single contract at a time, fill in the document digitally and print draft or final copies. JCT Terms and Conditions
Online Services Westlaw UK (WLUK), Localaw, Lawtel, Lawtel Precedents and IDS online (excluding JCT Construct and JCT On Demand). Online Service Terms and Conditions
Online Services - Software Westlaw UK (WLUK), Localaw, Lawtel, Lawtel Precedents and IDS online Software Licence Terms and Conditions
PDF products These are additional terms that supplement our Terms of Trading where we supply a PDF product. PDF Terms and Conditions
Print goods All our print products (eg books, looseleafs and journals) and those delivered by email or download but not Online Services, JCT Construct, JCT On Demand or JCT Digital (JCT CDs), CPD Webinars or eBooks which have their own terms and conditions. Terms of Trading will apply to print products where bundled with an Online Service, unless specified otherwise. Terms of Trading
ProView Content License All of our eBooks on Thomson Reuters ProView. ProView eBook Content Licence
ProView Software This is a free app required to use our ProView eBooks available from the iTunes app store. Apple iTunes app store page External Link

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