Our Sustainability Journey    



Sustainability is at the heart of Thomson Reuters and we work hard to ensure our print methods leave as little a mark on our environment as possible. We work closely with our suppliers on a number of environmental initiatives to give our customers the peace of mind that, when using our services and products, they are manufactured and shipped in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner where possible, keeping in mind the specialist nature and needs of our customers.

Our paper is FSC accredited meaning we try to ensure it is sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests. We endeavour to ensure printers operate a Carbon Balancing policy and print on demand, meaning we only print what we need, keeping energy and waste to a minimum. Our manufacturing and operations are undertaken in the same location ensuring we keep our transport to an absolute minimum. We seek to use compostable, biodegradable materials for our packaging and distribute using electric vehicles.

At Thomson Reuters we are always looking to improve our methods and business practices in order to reduce our mark on the environment. Through making small changes we can work towards having a positive effect on the planet.