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The ability to define legal, terms, words, expressions and legislation precisely is critical for any legal professional. Our well renowned reference works can help decipher and understand the law.

Daniel Greenberg is the author of some of our hugely popular reference works.

First published in 1890, Stroud's Judicial Dictionary is long established as the foremost dictionary of the English language as it has been interpreted by the courts and in statutory material. Stroud allows the practitioner to have quick access to the exact, authoritative meaning of legal terms.

Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law provides a unique authority as the only comprehensive dictionary of English Law. 

Stroud and Jowitt's are both available on our online legal research service, Westlaw UK, as part of our Index of Legal Terms.

Daniel Greenberg is also editor of the Annotated Statutes service on Westlaw UK.

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