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Our Global Legal Business

Thomson Reuters Legal is the leading provider of critical information, decision support tools, software and services to legal, compliance, business and government professionals around the world.

We offer a broad range of products and services that utilise our electronic database of legal, regulatory, financial, news and business information. These products and services include print and online publishing, legal research solutions, software based case management / workflow solutions, compliance solutions, finance / operations technology, knowledge management services and professional development.

Our Purpose

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United Kingdom

Our branded legal business in the UK, Sweet & Maxwell, has over 200 years of heritage in legal publishing and is well-recognised for its commitment to quality in the legal industry, both in the UK and globally. We have:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Track Record and Innovation in Legal Publishing
  • Strong Competitive Presence in the Field
  • Editorial and Production Quality Assurance
  • Robust Sustainability Policies
  • Sales and Marketing Excellence

How we ensure our publishing is of the highest quality and in accordance with our purpose

Sweet & Maxwell is one of the largest legal book, loose-leaf and periodical publishers in Europe, publishing 40 journal titles, 25 law reports and hundreds of book titles across all areas of law, some in partnership with professional organisations.

Sweet & Maxwell has extensive print and online publishing expertise and our internal workflows and procedures ensure a high quality standard.

As an author you will enjoy the security of working with an experienced and flexible publishing team, the benefits of which include:

  • a personal level of attention, provided by a team that benefits from the support of the world's largest publishing businesses
  • a responsive, adaptable and problem-solving approach
  • Your Publisher

    Our market-facing Publishers have a deep knowledge of the legal arena and a wealth of publishing experience. They are well-placed to provide feedback on the market and offer advice on content, coverage, approach, project management, layout and text design. Our sustained market share and high profile in this area means that our Publishers have a good understanding of market dynamics and customer needs.

    Editorial resource and staff training

    Sweet & Maxwell uses state-of-the-art Editorial and Information Management systems and partners with prestigious printing houses in the UK and Europe.

    Throughout the business we have a high level of skill and competence in the areas of editorial, print, CD creation, eBook and of XML-based, media-neutral content processing. Similarly, we are highly experienced in the content analysis, data modelling and CMS development required to output content successfully to different media (online, mobile, eBook, CD and print).

    For all of our editorial staff both overseas and in the UK there is extensive in-house training (e.g. copyediting, house style, proof reading, etc), tight sign-off procedures and promotion criteria which determine the level of responsibility each member of staff can assume.

    Quality Control and Assurance

    To ensure that the quality of service of our products is continually improved and issues are quickly resolved, we use the following approaches:

    • Ongoing analysis and reporting of management information, e.g.: customer feedback, internal audits, progress against performance indicators, adequacy of resources, status of actions from reviews and recommendations for improvement
    • Annual management review and audit to ensure continuing effectiveness of our products, services and processes
    • Physically manufactured print products are manually checked by in-house staff for quality of printing, binding, paper, etc before permission for dispatch is granted. Online products go through rigorous testing regimes.


      We publish over 200 new books and new editions per annum and maintain over 100 loose-leaf services, plus online services, to tight schedules. Our periodicals range from weekly to biannual in frequency and some of our online services offer daily e-mail alerts. Our planning procedures and tight controls ensure books, journal and loose-leaf issues are published in a timely fashion so that the Sweet & Maxwell brand means "currency".

      Sweet & Maxwell operates service level agreements with all of our suppliers.


      Sustainability is at the heart of Thomson Reuters and we work hard to ensure our print methods leave as little a mark on our environment as possible. We work closely with our suppliers on a number of environmental initiatives to give our customers the peace of mind that, when using our services and products, they are manufactured and shipped in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner where possible, keeping in mind the specialist nature and needs of our customers.

      Our paper is FSC accredited meaning we try to ensure it is sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests. We endeavour to ensure printers operate a Carbon Balancing policy and print on demand, meaning we only print what we need, keeping energy and waste to a minimum. Our manufacturing and operations are undertaken in the same location ensuring we keep our transport to an absolute minimum. We seek to use compostable, biodegradable materials for our packaging and distribute using electric vehicles.

      At Thomson Reuters we are always looking to improve our methods and business practices in order to reduce our mark on the environment. Through making small changes we can work towards having a positive effect on the planet.

      For more details please see our dedicated ESG space

      Our Sales and Marketing of Your Titles

      Our Marketing campaigns and dedicated Sales Teams engage our audience on multiple levels to build awareness and generate interest in the title. We use a combination of the following marketing channels to promote your title, selecting the most cost-effective methods on a title by title basis to ensure that your title reaches its potential. For more information please see How We Market Your Book.