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Practitioner's Guide to Syndicated Lending, A
Practitioner's Guide to Syndicated Lending, A
2nd Edition
ISBN:  9780414065390
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Consultant Editor:Andrew Shutter
Publication Date:  21 Nov 2017
Format:  Hardback
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The second edition brings the book up to date by including the key developments since 2009 such as unitranche, the return of cov-lite, new LIBOR sourcing as well as new restructuring techniques and case law, including cases that cite the first edition. Additionally a glossary and new FAQs have been added and the "reverse engineer" now includes the most recent Loan Market Association forms.

  • Provides an understanding of the fundamental commercial and legal principles forming the basis for syndicated lending across the range of corporate borrowers
  • The guide deals with the setting up and management of syndicated loan agreements by following the life cycle of a loan agreement
  • Describes why syndicated loans are used and explains the theory and mechanics of syndicated lending
  • Provides guidance to practitioner’s on how to agree on a deal and sell a deal
  • Highlights the actions/steps that can be taken when things go wrong
  • Provides answers to questions such as “When do the Lenders have to Lend”, “When can they get their money back” and “What if they don’t want it”
  • Explains the differences encountered in working with syndicated loans in different jurisdictions within Europe such as France, Germany and Italy and in Asia and USA
  • Sets out a worked example of a company’s capital structure with pending default
  • Introduces to this edition a detailed glossary
  • Lists a revised series of  frequently asked questions
  • Presents an updated reverse engineer which will quickly guide readers to a particular provision of the syndicated loan agreement
  1. Getting Started - Why Use a Syndicated Loan?
  2. Basic Principles of Syndicated Lending: Financing Through the Risk Spectrum;
  3. Capital Adequacy and Bank Supervision;
  4. Enhancing the Credit;
  5. Interactions with other Creditors: Subordination and Intercreditor Arrangements;
  6. Adding Bells and Whistles - Letters of Credit and Other Facility Types;
  7. Agreeing the Business Deal;
  8. How to Sell the Deal;
  9. When do the Lenders have to Lend;
  10. Making the Loan – the Theory and Mechanics of Syndicated Lending;
  11. Trading the Loans and Commitments;
  12. Protecting the Credit without Strangling the Business;
  13. When Can the Lenders Get Their Money Back and What If They Don't Want It?
  14. Syndicate Democracy in Good Times and Bad;
  15. Defaults and Restructurings: What Happens When it All Goes Wrong;
  16. Variations on a Theme: Key Issues in Different European Jurisdictions (France, Germany, Italy);
  17. How Things are Different Outside Europe: USA/Asia;
  18. The Future as it looked in 2009; The Future as it looks in 2017
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