International Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Legal Opinions

Volume 3
Philip R Wood

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Explains the law and practice of this area of international financial law

Contents of International Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Legal Opinions

International loans

Introduction to term loans and syndicated credits
Types of credit facility
Financial terms of syndicated credit agreements
Representations and warranties
Events of default
Agency, syndicate democracy, transfers and other clauses
Outlines of credit agreement documents
Loan transfers and participations

International bond issues

Bond issues: general principles
Negotiability of bonds and clearing systems
Terms of bonds
Convertible and other equity-linked bonds
High yield notes
Other special types of bond issue
Bondholder trustees and meetings
Syndicate agents and bondholder trustees as fiduciaries


Introduction to guarantees
Terms of guarantees
Independent guarantors: bank and export credit guarantees
Standby letters of credit
Other forms of guarantee
Comfort letters
Outlines of guarantees

Legal opinions

Introduction to legal opinions
Terms of legal opinions
Outlines of legal opinions

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