Comparative Law of Security Interests and Title Finance

Volume 2
Philip R Wood

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Expert advice on security interests and title finance

Contents of Comparative Law of Security Interests and Title Finance


Security interests and world financial law
Meaning, rationale and uses of security interests
Classification of legal issues and assets

Legal topics

Parties: debtors, creditors and trustees
Formalities, costs and taxes
Scope of security interests and universal charges
Creation of security interests
Inalienable assets; negative pledges
Publication (perfection) of security interests: principles
Perfection under UCC Article 9
Perfection in English-based jurisdictions
Secured debt
Transfers of secured debt
Title and priorities: principles
Priorities: asset title and debtor-indexed registers
Priorities: particular contests
Subordinated secured debt
Avoidance of preferences
Financial assistance to buy own shares
Enforcement of security interests
Enforcement on insolvency

Jurisdictions of the world

Security interests in Anglo-American common law jurisdictions
Security interests in Napoleonic jurisdictions
Security interests in Roman-Germanic jurisdictions
Security interests in other jurisdictions

Practice and documents

Security packages
Real property; goods
Ships and aircraft
Contracts, debts, charge-backs, investments
Insurances, intellectual property
Deal implementation
Terms of security agreements

Title finance

Title finance: general principles
Title finance: finance leases
Title finance: repos

International instruments; conflict of laws

EU Directives
Geneva and Cape Town Aircraft Conventions
Other international instruments

Conflict of laws

Conflict of laws

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