Juridicial Review

Juridical Review is Scotland's leading refereed law journal, providing coverage and comment on the latest cases and most important decisions. Prepared by Professor Joe Thomson, the contents are of the highest quality, making this publication a valuable and respected source of reference.

Consisting of four issues per year, Juridical Review examines a diverse range of topics, many of which are not explored in other journals. Access to this valuable information equips you with the ability to make informed judgements on key information, expand your knowledge base and stay ahead of the game on the legal issues that matter most.

Juridical Review will provide you with:

  • Up-to-date analysis of current legal developments
  • An authoritative and innovative perspective on recent case law
  • A valuable and respected source of reference for use in court
  • Access to a learned forum for professional discussion and debate

Who Uses Juridical Review
Juridical Review is ideal for use by:

  • Scots law students and academics seeking learned discussion on the latest legal developments
  • Law students and academics from other jurisdictions with an interest in comparative law
  • Legal practitioners looking for a fresh perspective on recent case law

How to Subscribe

Please quote the following ISBN number in all correspondence:
ISBN: 0022-6785

You can subscribe online simply by clicking here.

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Would you like to contribute to Juridical Review?
To ensure that Juridical Review remains an invaluable forum for reference and commentary for academics and practitioners alike, the editorial team welcome contributions from the full spectrum of legal professionals. To contribute articles, and notes for case and comment please contact:

Payment is made for articles published.


Key Objectives

  1. To continue our emphasis on publishing writing of the highest quality (including articles, case and comment and review articles).
  2. The primary focus will remain Scots law in all its aspects. However, we also recognise the critical role of the Juridical Review to inform Scots lawyers of important legal developments in other jurisdictions and for Scots lawyers to use the vehicle of the Juridical Review to explain the Scottish legal system to a wide readership.
  3. The Juridical Review will not publish work which concentrates exclusively on general issues of legal theory, legal history or public international law .However, articles in these areas which address a particularly Scottish aspect will be welcomed.
  4. We will eschew work which covers issues which arise from the day-to-day aspects of legal practice. However; we are happy to accept writings which explore the underlying principles and concepts associated with the problems and concerns of legal practice.
  5. The Juridical Review seeks to reflect the diversity of interests of readers and contributors. The bulk of contributors will be drawn from within Scotland. However, we encourage contributions from authors outside Scotland so long as their work has relevance for our home readership.
  6. The diversity of interests will be reflected in the articles we publish. However, from time to time, an issue may be devoted to a single theme of mainstream and topical interest to lawyers in Scotland.
  7. Articles will remain the central focus of the Juridical Review. However, we will retain the case and comment section as a vehicle for shorter, topical pieces of high quality.
  8. We have rescinded our preference for articles of around 4,500 words. We have published and will continue to publish longer articles. However, we would prefer to publish work which can be accommodated comfortably within a single issue of the Juridical Review and will seek to avoid publishing work over two issues.

Juridical Review

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