The Scottish Universities Law Institute series is a definitive collection of texts on modern Scots law, of the highest quality and written by experts in their respective fields, contributing towards the advancement of law in Scotland. On a practical note, SULI publications are regularly referred to in court, validating the fact that their quality and accuracy is relied upon by those involved at all levels of the Scottish legal system. Every new SULI publication goes through a unique vetting process, ensuring it should be your primary text and can be absolutely relied upon. The SULI council consists of a team of highly qualified experts who strive to ensure each and every publication is of the highest possible standard with representation from:

  • The Law Society of Scotland
  • The Faculty of Advocates
  • The Scottish Government
  • Every Scottish University

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  • Anton’s Private International Law | 3rd edition, Paul Beaumont and Peter McEleavy - available in print
  • Arbitration | 2nd edition, Professor Fraser Davidson - available in print
  • Bankruptcy, Donna W McKenzie Skene - available in print
  • Conveyancing Law and Practice | 2nd Edition, John M. Halliday; Edited by: lain J. S. Talman - available in print Volume 1, Volume 2, Volumes 1 and 2
  • Delict, Professor Joe Thomson - avilable in print
  • Evidence, Professor F. P. Davidson - available in print
  • Gordon’s Criminal Law of Scotland | 4th edition, James Chalmers and Professor Fiona Leverick – volume 1 available in print, on ProView and print and Proview bundle; volume 2 available in print
  • Judicial Review, The Hon. Lord Clyde and Mr D. Edwards - available in print
  • The Law of Husband and Wife in Scotland | 4th Edition, E. M. Clive - available in print
  • The Law of Agency in Scotland, Laura MacGregor - available in print
  • The Law of Contract in Scotland | 3rd edition, W. W. McBryde - available in print
  • The Law of Criminal Procedure in Scotland, Pamela Ferguson – available in print, on ProView and print and Proview bundle
  • The Law Relating to Parent and Child in Scotland | 3rd Edition, Professor Kenneth McK Norrie - available in print
  • Leases, Robert Rennie with Mike Blair, Stewart Brymer, Frankie McCarthy and Tom Mullen - available in print
  • Macphail’s Sheriff Court Practice | 4th edition, Sheriff Andrew M Cubie - available in print, on ProView and in print and ProView bundle
  • Miller on Partnership | 2nd edition, Gordon Brough - available in print
  • Personal Bar, Elspeth Reid and John Blackie - available in print
  • Prescription and Limitation of Actions | 2nd edition, D. Johnston - available in print
  • Rights Ancillary to Servitudes: Principles and Practice of the Law of Servitudes, Professor Roderick Paisley - available in print, ProView and print and ProView bundle
  • Scottish Land Law | 3rd edition, Professor William M Gordon; Scott Wortley - available in print Volume 1 and supplement and Volume 2
  • Scottish Planning Law and Procedure, Jeremy Rowan Robinson - available in print
  • Servitudes, Professor D. Cusine and Dr P. M. Paisley - available in print
  • Unjustified Enrichment, Robin Evans-Jones - available in print volume 1, volume 2 and volumes 1 and 2
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