Table of Contents Issue 5 2023


Table of Contents

Current Notes

  • Loan relationships and unallowable purposes: HMRC's update - Elizabeth Keeling
  • The Transfer Pricing Directive - Richard Collier

Case Notes

  • JTI Acquisitions Co (2011) Ltd v HMRC: unallowable purpose - David Southern
  • GE Financial Investments v HMRC: a novel point of treaty interpretation - John Avery Jones
  • Michael Schütte v Finanzamt Brilon: the CJEU as the guardian of neutrality - Fabian Barth and Florian S. Zawodsky


  • The UK GAAR at 10 Years and the Development of Other Common Law GAARs - Judith Freedman
  • Some Reflections on Statutory Interpretation: What Role for the GAAR? - Malcolm Gammie
  • The GAAR Advisory Panel: A Safeguard in Name Only? - David Tipping
  • General Anti-Avoidance Rules: The Australian Story - Michael Bersten
  • Amendments to the Canadian General Anti-Avoidance Rule - David G. Duff
  • General Anti-Avoidance Rules in India: The Story so Far! - Mukesh Butani and Tarun Jain
  • Designing a Powerful General Anti-Avoidance Rule: Reflections on the New Zealand Experience - Craig Elliffe
  • CIT v AQQ: The Singapore GAAR and its Australasian Influences - Vincent Ooi
  • The South African GAAR Survives its First Major Challenge but Troubling Issues Still Lie Ahead - Edward Liptak

Book Reviews

  • EU Value Added Tax and Beyond - Essays in Honour of Ben Terra (IBFD, 2023), by Marta Papis-Almansa (ed.) - Katarina Fast Lappalainen
  • Classifying Entities and the Meaning of "Tax Transparency": The UK Perspective (Wolters Kluwer, 2023), by Michael McGowan - Leopoldo Parada
  • Research Handbook on Corporate Taxation (Edward Elgar, 2023), by Reuven S. Avi-Yonah (ed.) - Adrian Sawyer

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