Table of Contents Issue 2 2024

Issue 2 2024

Table of Contents

Case Notes

  • Sonder Europe Ltd v HMRC; Bolt Services UK Ltd v HMRC: Sonder and Bolt and TOMS, oh my - Etienne Wong
  • BCM Cayman LP v HMRC: partnerships as members of other partnerships - Michael McGowan
  • HMRC v Bluecrest Capital Management LP; Andrew Dodd v HMRC: partnership profits and "miscellaneous income" - Michael McGowan


  • Introduction: Democracy and Tax Administration - Stephen Daly
  • On the Rule of Law and Democracy: Policy Rules and Principles in Dutch Taxation - Hans Gribnau
  • A Case Study in Arcane But Impactful Tax Administration: Ireland and Withholding Tax on Patent Royalties in 2010 - Emer Hunt
  • The Rise and Demise of the New Zealand's Taxation Principles Reporting Act-A Lost Opportunity? - Adrian Sawyer
  • A Statutory Basis for the Use of Automated Risk Management Systems in Tax Administration - Angelika Mohr
  • Is the HMRC Charter Fit for Purpose? Experiences of Tax Practitioners and Vulnerable Citizens - Sara Closs-Davies, Lynda Burkinshaw and Jane Frecknall-Hughes
  • Shifting Sludge: Marginalised Taxpayers and Tax Administration - Amy Lawton and David Massey

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