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New SULI Titles for 2015 are:

Constitutional Law in Scotland
Professor Alan Page
June Publication - 9780414104565  £95.00

Constitutional Law of Scotland provides the first complete account of the constitutional framework within which the government of Scotland has been carried on since devolution in 1999, and of the governance of Scotland as it stands in the wake of September’s historic referendum on Scottish independence.

A very different book from J D B Mitchell’s predecessor in this series, which was first published fifty years ago, this new title charts the long march to devolved government in Scotland. After examining Scotland’s current constitutional arrangements, as set out in the Scotland Act and the Human Rights Act, it explores the separate Scottish, United Kingdom and European dimensions of the contemporary governance of Scotland.

Written by one of the UK’s leading constitutional lawyers, this significant and timely work offers the most complete and in-depth treatment of the subject and is an essential tool for solicitors and any others with a professional interest in the governance of Scotland.

This title provides:

  • A full analysis of the constitutional framework provided by the Scotland Act and the Human Rights Act, including the changes recommended by the Smith Commission, within which the contemporary governance of Scotland is carried on
  • An examination of the institutions of devolved governance – the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish government and the Scottish courts – including legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament and the powers of the Scottish Ministers
  • A full account of the devolved government of Scotland, including the part played by local government and public bodies as well as the Scottish government
  • An analysis of the checks and balances to which the devolved government of Scotland is subject, including the part played by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman as well as the courts
  • An analysis of the UK and EU as well as the Scottish dimensions of the contemporary governance of Scotland


General Editor: Robert Rennie
June publication - 9780414018617  £120.00

With contributors: Mike Blair, Stewart Brymer, Frankie McCarthy and Tom Mullen
The subject of Leases in Scotland has not been tackled fully in text since 1967. This new title published under the auspices of the Scottish Universities Law Institute remedies that requirement at a time when economic conditions have led to increased activity in residential letting combined with increased litigation in the commercial sector as disputes arise between landlords and tenants. This brand new book brings together a team of specialist authors to give an in-depth and complete treatment of the general law in this subject area, and also covers the most significant specific types of lease, namely commercial leases, residential leases and agricultural leases, especially in the context of that general law.

Leases is a thoroughly modern and up-to-date book, providing expert insight on current issues including:

  • The law relating to agricultural tenancies – consolidated in 1991, radically overhauled in 2003 and further amended in 2011 and 2012 with proposals for more reform yet.
  • The question of interpretation of lease – raised in recent court cases with this relevant case law discussed in the text.
  • Restrictions on the length of leases – always a hot topic.
  • Human Rights in relation to leases – an extensive chapter is included on this subject

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