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Thomson Reuters is the premium provider of industry-leading content, backed by a 200-year legacy in legal publishing from Sweet & Maxwell, W. Green and Round Hall.

Our print and eBook products are written by world-renowned experts and are part of a suite of research solutions to help you find answers fast and make it easy to do the hard work.

Our market-leading ProView eReader platform has hundreds of eBooks available.

How do ProView eBooks save our customers time?

  • View your book in same layout as the print title, with matching page numbers
  • Multiuser access available
  • Faster access to new titles
  • Bundled print and ProView titles available
  • One time purchase and subscription options
  • No unexpected international shipping fees or charges

What other benefits do ProView eBooks offer?

    • View your titles offline
    • Subscription title updates available and filed automatically
    • Add notes and annotations
    • Email, print and share text
    • Search options to quickly find the information that you are looking
    • Jump to related content via hyperlinks
    • Colour code your highlights and corresponding notes
    • Transfer annotations across to each new edition
    • Intuitive library homepage

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