What is an eBook?

An eBook (electronic book) is a publication in a digital format. To use eBooks on your device simply download and install the free Thomson Reuters ProView app from the iTunes app store, on Android both from the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore, install ProView on your PC or Mac or access it directly from your browser. The next step is to create a username and password with Thomson Reuters OnePass, you will only have to go through this process once. Once you have downloaded ProView you can then start downloading eBooks onto your iPad, PC, Mac or Android tablets. You can then access your eBook library whenever you want without the need for internet connection. We can also support any e-pub format.

What's different about Thomson Reuters ProView?

Simply put, it's the first professional-grade eReader application on the market. It has advanced features such as full-text search, standardised formatting, updateable content and links to content, to meet the needs of legal professionals.

What makes our eBooks unique?

  • Add your own notes and annotations just as you would do to the hard copy version of the book
  • Email, print and share the text using the copy and paste tool. Lift text from the screen and place it in any other application or document you wish
  • Quickly find the piece of information that you are looking for using powerful search functionality
  • Jump to related content elsewhere in the eBook via hyperlinks
  • View contents list in layers for ease of navigation
  • Colour code your highlights and corresponding notes



What is ProView?

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is a highly featured eBook application designed for the iPad, PC, Mac and Android tablets that gives you the freedom to work wherever you want. You can take notes, highlight and bookmark just like you do with your favourite reference.

ProView is available as a free iPad app through the App store, an android app through both Google Play and Amazon Appstore and for PCs and Macs. You purchase the eBook content direct through Sweet & Maxwell.

You may download ProView to up to four personal devices as you wish; your tablet and your laptop for instance.

How will ProView eBooks help you?

ProView's powerful search functionality makes navigating content quicker and easier than ever. Helpful hyperlinks enable you to jump straight to the text you need at the tap of a screen, be it from the contents list or from other sections within the book.

You'll be able to customise your eBook by changing the font size and background of the screen to suit your own preference. You can highlight pertinent copy, annotate important passages of text and bookmark pages just as you would your print copy. Updates will be sent to you automatically

Is the ProView app free?

The ProView reader can be downloaded free of charge. In order to start using ProView you will also need a OnePass account which is free to set up.



What are the technical requirements?

ProView eBooks are currently compatible with iPad, PC, Mac and Android tablets but will not work with other eBook readers.
Please visit our download page for platform specific minimum requirements.

Will I need an internet connection?

You need internet access to install and register the ProView app and dowload your ebook but after that you can use the eBook wherever you like with no need for an internet connection.

How many eBooks will I be able to fit on my device? eBook files are generally much smaller than music and video files so most users will be able to store hundreds of titles on their device.

What devices is ProView™ compatable with?

For more information about all the formats compatable with ProView™ please click here.

How many devices can I access ProView™ on? Can I swap ProView™ from one device to another?

You may register ProView™ on a maximum of 4 devices. You may swap devices a maximum of 4 times every 30 days.

How will I get the Thomson Reuters ProView™ application?

You can download the Thomson Reuters ProView™ app here for PC and Mac.

You can download the Thomson Reuters ProView app from the Apple iTunes App Store, from the Google Play Store and from the Amazon Appstore by searching for "Thomson Reuters ProView" for mobile devices.

Can I access my Thomson Reuters ProView title on a different reader device like Kindle?

No. Thomson Reuters ProView titles are only accessible from the Thomson Reuters ProView app installed on an iPad, PC, Mac, Android Tablet or directly via your browser.

Who can I contact for technical support?

If you are experiencing technical issues, you can contact our technical support team by telephone: 0345 600 9355 or via email: TRLUKI.orders@thomsonreuters.com.



What is a OnePass account?

A OnePass account is a username and password that you create, which protects your identity and the information you access across multiple Thomson Reuters applications and services.

How do I set up my OnePass account?

If you have an existing OnePass account you will need to add the registration key for Thomson Reuters ProView to your existing OnePass account. If you do not have a OnePass account you will need to set one up, and as part of that process, add your Thomson Reuters ProView registration key to your OnePass account.

What if I forget my OnePass login information to access my eBook?

You can retrieve your OnePass login credentials by clicking the "Forgot username or password?" option from the ProView login screen.
If you need immediate assistance, you can also call us on the 0845 600 9355 and we will reset your account.


How will eBooks be delivered?

Please view our Getting Started page on how your eBook will be delivered.

How will I be able to purchase eBooks?

You can buy eBooks from the Sweet & Maxwell website (sweetandmaxwell.co.uk) or through your account manager and our customer service team. Call 0845 600 9355 or email TRLUKI.orders@thomsonreuters.com.



I received my Thomson Reuters ProView Welcome Email with my registration key: how do I access my eBook?

Thomson Reuters ProView requires a OnePass username and password. If you have an existing OnePass account you will need to add the registration key for Thomson Reuters ProView to your existing OnePass account. If you do not have a OnePass account you will need to set one up, and as part of that process, add your Thomson Reuters ProView registration key to your OnePass account.

I don't see the title I purchased in my Thomson Reuters ProView library.

Once your Thomson Reuters ProView app has been registered in OnePass, your library will automatically sync when you connect to the internet. If you still don't see your title, please contact our customer services team on the 0845 600 9355 or email TRLUKI.orders@thomsonreuters.com.

How long do I have access to my Thomson Reuters ProView title for - will it disappear once a new edition is published?

No, your purchased Thomson Reuters ProView title will not disappear. You will continue to have access to every Thomson Reuters ProView title you have purchased.

How many users can I have for each download?

Each eBook download entitles one user to access the eBook.



What if I lose my device?

Your Thomson Reuters ProView titles will automatically sync to your new device when you install the Thomson Reuters ProView app and log in with your OnePass password. Your eBooks are securely stored on our server. When you replace your device simply download the free ProView app and all your notes/annotations that have been backed up to our servers will sync to your new device.

Are my notes secure?

Yes, notes are stored in Thomson Reuters secure data centres. Only the named user has access to the notes - for this reason, please do not share your Thomson Reuters ProView login credentials.

How will I receive updates to my eBook?

The ProView app checks for updates whenever it is connected to the internet and they are downloaded automatically.


Why do I have to pay VAT on my eBook but not on my printed book?

Unlike printed books, eBooks attract VAT and we apply this in accordance with HMRC rules. When purchased as a bundle with a printed book, VAT will be applied to half of the total value of the bundle.


Our customer service team will help you find the answer to your question, fast. Contact them on 0845 600 9355 or TRLUKI.orders@thomsonreuters.com.