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2009: Robert Duxbury, formerly Principal Lecturer in Law, Nottingham Trent University. Author of Nutshells Contract Law and Contract Law, Textbook Series. In this podcast, Robert highlights the new features of the newly revamped Nutshells Series. In addition, he gives you guidance on exclusion clauses, one of the fundamental topics in the study of contract law.
2008: Ryan Murray, Lecturer in Law and Deputy Programme Leader LLB DL, Nottingham Trent University. Author of Contract Law – the Fundamentals. In this podcast, Ryan introduces you to the Fundamental Series and goes on to explain one of the fundamental topics of contract law, that of offer and acceptance.
2010: Carl Stychin, Professor of Law and Social Theory, University of Reading & Linda Mulcahy, Anniversary Professor, Birkbeck College, University of London. Co-authors of Legal Methods & Systems: Text and Materials. In this podcast, Carl and Linda tell us about their motivations for writing the book, developments and improvements they’ve made to the new edition and their interest in and enthusiasm for the subject.
2008: Jo Boylan-Kemp, Principal Lecturer in Law, Nottingham Trent University. Author of English Legal System - The Fundamentals. In this podcast, Jo explains how important it is to be able to distill the important and relevant points out of the law and then explain and apply them in your studies. To help you with this she explains how to read and analysis case law.
2008: Penny Darbyshire, Reader in law, Kingston University. Author of Darbyshire on the English Legal System and Nutshells English Legal System. In this podcast Penny gives us an update on developments within the English Legal System.


2007: Carl Stychin, Professor of Law and Social Theory, University of Reading & Linda Mulcahy, Anniversary Professor, Birkbeck College, University of London. Co-authors of Legal Methods & Systems: Text and Materials. In this podcast, Carl and Linda discuss how they work together and their unique and all-encompassing approach.
2007: David Pope, Barrister and Director of Advocacy, Denton Wilde Sapte & Daniel Hill, Solicitor and Head of Practice for Dispute Resolution, College of Law, London. Co-authors of Mooting and Advocacy Skills. In this podcast, David and Daniel discuss and offer tips on effective mooting and advocacy
2009: Penny Kent, Principal Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University. Author of Nutcases European Union Law. In this podcast, Penny gives an overview of European Union Law, providing background information on the constitutional dimension of the EU and the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice.
2009: Maureen Spencer, Principal Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University and John Spencer, Barrister. Together they co-author Nutcases Constitutional and Administrative Law, Nutcases Human Rights and Nutshells Human Rights. In this podcast, Maureen and John discuss the latest developments in constitutional and administrative law and explain how the latest edition of Nutcases Constitutional and Administrative can benefit you in the study of the subject.
2008: Elizabeth Giussani, Senior Lecturer in Constitutional and Administrative Law, BBP Law School. Elizabeth's new textbook on Constitutional and Administrative Law will be published in early 2008. Liz discusses the motivation for writing her new title. This podcast also covers recent updates to this area of law.
2007: Maureen Spencer, Principal Lecturer in Law, Middlesex University. Co-author of Nutcase Constitutional and Administrative Law and a Nutcase and Nutshell on Human Rights. All three of these essential revision aids are currently available. Maureen discusses the recent and sometimes controversial developments in this area and how these have affected subsequent editions of the Nutshell and Nutcase.
2009: Gwyneth Pitt, Professor of Law, Kingston University. Author of Employment Law. In this podcast Gwyneth discusses her enthusiasm for employment law and offers advice for those considering a career in this area. Gwyneth also highlights the latest developments and the impact these will have on both employees and employers.
2007: John Sprack, Chairman of Employment Tribunals. He was previously in practice as a barrister, specialising in employment and criminal law and between 1989 and 2000 he taught employment law at the Inns of Court School. He now delivers professional development courses for practising solicitors and barristers. He has written a number of books on the subject including his latest title Employment Law and Practice, which is currently available from Sweet and Maxwell. John outlines his aims for writing about Employment Law and covers some recent updates.
2010: Tony Wragg, Principal Tutor, University of Derby. Author of Nutshells Family Law. In this podcast Tony explains how using a Nutshell can help you to excel in your exams and ease through your assignments with flying colours.
2009: Rebecca Probert, Associate Professor in Law, University of Warwick. Author of Cretney's Family Law - Textbook Series, Nutcases Family Law and co-author of Principles of Family Law.  Rebecca shares her passion for family law and discusses the impact of recent legislation and likely developments in the future.
2008: Judith Masson, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, University of Bristol and Rebecca Probert, Associate Professor in Law at Warwick University. In this podcast, Judith and Rebecca discuss the latest edition of Cretney’s Principles of Family Law, which they co-authored along with Rebecca Bailey, Barrister, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Bristol.

2007: David Llewelyn, Partner, White & Case, London; Professor, King's College London; Director, IP Academy Singapore. Co-author of Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Allied Rights. In this podcast, David outlines the growing economic value of IP assets and how legislation is adapting to the speed of change in this important area.

2007: Duncan Bloy and Sara Hadwin are from the School of Journalism, Cardiff University. Co-authors of Law and the Media. In their podcast Duncan and Sara debate contempt of court and other challenges faced by both lawyers and journalists in this field.