Law Student

Created to meet your needs, Law Student is our free magazine. Published twice a year it is an essential source of advice and information to help you through your studies and beyond. Articles cover everything from help with your legal studies, careers guidance, and lifestyle issues.

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Law Student from Sweet & Maxwell. Saving the planet is an expression on everyone’s lips these days. But what can you actually do on a student budget?

Check out the article on page 19 for some tips you can implement straightaway – and which won’t cost you a single penny. Developing your cross examination skills is a must if you wish to pursue a career as a barrister.

On pages 17-18 you’ll find our ten point guide for improving your technique. For prospective solicitors, on pages 10-11 we show you what law firms are looking for in their trainees – plus a whole range of tips on how best to sell your own skills and experience when you apply.

You’ll also find a number of articles helping you with your everyday coursework. On pages 6-7 there’s advice on how to avoid common mistakes when writing essays and assignments – as well as essential guidance on managing your time on pages 12-13. Plus, we detail how your Westlaw UK student representative can help you make the most of online legal research databases. We also show you where to look for legal definitions when a document or case can hinge on the meaning of a single word.

E-books are fast becoming one of the best tools for studying law. On page 9 we highlight a new range of e-books that can bring an extra dimension to your work.

On pages 26-27 we show you how to avoid having your identity stolen online. There are now so many scams it pays to be aware of the latest dangers – and know what to do if you’re unlucky enough to be caught.