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For well over a century, Thomson Reuters Legal/ West Group have been an integral part of the U.S. legal system and have given customers a powerful competitive advantage by providing the highest quality legal, regulatory and business information. Publishing under the Thomson Retuers umbrella includes trusted and established brands such as Aspatore, Norton Bankruptcy Library, O'Connor's, Quinlan, Rutter Group and The Witkin Library.

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  • American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition
    This comprehensive legal encyclopedia contains textual statements of law alphabetically arranged in more than 400 topics.
  • Antitrust Law Sourcebook for the United States and Europe, 4th Edition, 2022-2023 ed. (Antitrust Law Library)
    This text provides you with a broad range of domestic and international antitrust law, including the original text of antitrust and specialty statutes, merger guidelines, vertical restraint venture and compliance forms, and essential statutory and regulatory material concerning the European Community's antitrust law.
  • Blacks Law Dictionary, 11th Edition
    Black's Law Dictionary contains over 55,000 legal terms, including their earliest usage, pronunciation guidance, Latin maxims (with index), a bibliography of more than 1,000 sources, 6,000+ quotations, and more.
  • Black's Law Dictionary, Pocket Edition, 6th Edition
    With more than 21,000 definitions in a compact volume, this work is an essential, easy-to-use reference tool.
  • Construction Schedule Delays, 2022 Edition
    This book is an invaluable reference for any lawyer, construction, or engineering practitioner who deals with construction schedule delays, from project negotiation through litigation.
  • Corpus Juris Secundum
    C.J.S. is a continuously revised and updated legal encyclopedia offering a classic, authoritative analysis of American law and jurisprudence as derived from reported cases, legislation, and regulations.
  • International Banking Law & Regulation
    An international team of recognized experts in 60 jurisdictions create a comprehensive resource on international banking law and regulation.
    Updated twice annually
  • International Insurance Law & Regulation
    International Insurance Law and Regulation is a comprehensive collection of commentary from internationally recognized practitioners who are experts in their jurisdictions.
  • International Regulation of Finance and Investment, 2023 Edition
    This comprehensive collection of commentary and pertinent primary source material is your guide to the regulation of banking and financial services industries and securities laws in major jurisdictions.
    Updated four times per annum.
  • Media, Advertising, & Entertainment Law Throughout the World, 2022-2023 Edition
    This title provides a concise and current overview of media, advertising, entertainment, and art law in more than 30 countries.
  • Scalia and Garner's Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges
    Two of today's most noted legal writers systematically present every important idea about judicial persuasion in a fresh, entertaining way.
  • Journal

    • Cost Management
      By examining and critiquing evolving methods and techniques, Cost Management will enable you to develop, improve, and make better use of your organization's cost management systems. This Journal provides information that your company can use to reduce costs of production for products and services, while increasing the value being delivered to your customers.
      6 issues per annum.
    • Criminal Law Bulletin
      The Criminal Law Bulletin provides authoritative guidance and insight from renowned experts on the latest developments and trends in criminal law, criminal procedure, and criminal evidence.
      6 issues per annum
    • Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal
      Provides in-depth analysis and coverage of new Uniform Commercial Code revisions, changes in case law, and recent decisions affecting commercial law issues.
    • Intellectual Property Law Review
      Yearly compilation presents a collection of articles written by authorities in their respective areas of law. Covers major developments in patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as well as relevant topics affecting practice and procedure.
    • Securities Regulation Law Journal
      Featuring articles by noted practitioners and scholars in the field of securities regulation law, Securities Regulation Law Journal provides in-depth coverage of significant trends in legislative, judicial, and regulatory activity.
      4 issues per annum.
    • International Regulation of Finance and Investment, 2023 Edition
      This comprehensive collection of commentary and pertinent primary source material is your guide to the regulation of banking and financial services industries and securities laws in major jurisdictions.
      4 issues per annum.
    • Law reports

    • American Law Reports
      American Law Reports gives you articles that organize and evaluate cases rather than simply provide you text of the case. Every article is a complete research brief that summarizes all caselaw relevant to a specific legal point. Articles analyze distinctions among cases to give an objective analysis of both sides of an issue.
    • Looseleaf

    • Biotechnology and the Law
      Explains how the intellectual property practitioner can protect biotechnological inventions by bringing them into the intellectual property system.
      Updated annually.
    • Forms & Agreements on Intellectual Property and International Licensing
      This well-established publication addresses the creation and effective commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights. With more than 170 fully drafted commercial forms and agreements, its primary focus is the law and practice of licensing the core IP rights which underlie all intellectual property transactions and many commercial agreements. Now in its third edition and updated over 60 times, this title provides coverage for the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, and the British Commonwealth.
    • Designs and Utility Models Throughout the World
      Provides clear, current information about the protection of designs and utility models in more than 160 countries.
      Updated 3 times per annum.
    • Digest of Commercial Laws of the World
      This title provides business law guidance and forms for 57 countries, along with analysis of business law topics and supranational regulatory frameworks.
      Updated 6 times per annum
    • Trademarks Throughout the World
      This classic work summarizes the trademark laws and regulatory regimes of more than 200 countries and jurisdictions worldwide.
      Updated annually and as changes in the law dictate
    • World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies
      World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies features analysis and commentary by leading practitioners on key intellectual property legislation from jurisdictions throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
      Updated 6 times per annum.

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