When you finalise a will, you'll use either 1 unit for a standard will or 2 units for a will incorporating Kessler's Will Trusts Precedents. The system is highly cost-effective. You pay-as-you-go, using up a unit each time you draft a new will. This method means that the cost of Express Wills relates directly to the number of wills you undertake and you can charge your costs back to your client.

You can purchase further units for Express Wills at any point in blocks of 15, 25, 50 or 100 by simply contacting our Helpdesk on 0345 850 9355.


Description New Price (ex VAT) New Price (inc VAT)
CD £245 £294
15 units £235 £282
25 units £392 £470.40
50 units £784 £940.80
100 units £1,568 £1,881.60


Standard Will without Trust Provisions 1 unit
Standard Will with Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust 2 units
General Power of Attorney 0.5 units
Will with Kessler Trust Provisions 2 units
Will Commentary 0.5 units
Lasting Power of Attorney - Property and Affairs 2 units
Lasting Power of Attorney - Personal Welfare 2 units
Lasting Power of Attorney - Pre-April 2015 Registration Form 1 unit
Advance Directive 1 unit
Declaration of Severance 0.5 units
Land Registry Form SEV 0.5 units
Expression of Wishes Free


Documents can be prepared in draft form without using up any units

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