We're confident you will find Express Wills quick and easy to use, but should you need any help or support using the system, you can find it here.

Within these pages, you'll find information on how to get started with installing the CD, be it on a single computer, or across a network, guidance on drafting your first will using Express Wills, and also a selection of frequently asked questions that you might find it handy to know the answers to.

Remember, for any further help you can call our dedicated helpdesk on 0345 850 9355, and speak to an adviser.



Express Wills patches are available from time to time, and provide essential updates to your existing service. The latest update can be downloaded here
We'll notify you when these come about.



Once you have downloaded Express Wills onto your computer you are ready to begin drafting your first will. Click on the link below to download our easy to follow guide to drafting your first will.


Our quick start guide to drafting a will (PDF)


Our guide to drafting a Lasting Power of Attorney (PDF)


Call 0845 850 9355
for further support




How does the unit pricing work?

Once you have bought the CD call the Helpdesk on 0845 850 9355 to register for your 10 free units. Every time you print a will for signing, or print any of the other documents, a unit or part of a unit is deducted from your unit stock. When you have run out of units you can simply call the Helpdesk to top up your unit stock.


Can I print off wills without having units or without it deducting units?

Yes, you can. When you click to print, a dialog box pops up with options. If you choose to print a draft, copy or a checking draft, it will print the will with a watermark so that it is clearly a draft.


How do I check how many units I have?>

Click on File on the top menu bar and select 'Document

Unit Stock'.


If I have printed a will for signing and realise there is a mistake, or the client wants to make a change later, will I be charged another unit for correcting it and reprinting the will?

If there is a mistake in the name of the client, the program will charge for another unit, however you will be able to claim this back by calling the Helpdesk. You will not be charged as long as you have not changed the will to include a new chargeable item, e.g. a will trust.


How many units can I buy at a time?

Units are available in blocks of 15, 25, 50 and 100.


Do I have to pay for upgrades to the software?

No, once you have bought the CD we provide upgrades to the system on a regular basis free of charge. These may be provided as interim patches or as a new CD, which is posted out to all current users.


Do I have to get a network licence if I want to load Express Wills on to more than one computer?

No, you do not need a network licence to load Express Wills onto as many computers as you wish, as single computer installs or through a network. The ordering of units, though, must be done on the same account number as that of the original CD purchase. Click here for more details


If I buy units will my colleagues be able to use them?

If you install Express Wills as a single install, when new units are requested they are held on that computer only – each single install generates its own unique code with which you use to order units. If you do a network install then the units are held centrally for everyone to access.

Can I edit the final will document?

Yes, once you have completed all the questions you can then edit the finalised draft by using the Edit Document function on the toolbar.


Can I compile a bank of my own standard clauses to replace those in the system?

Yes, you can. This is done through the Edit Document function. Certain clauses can also be customised through the System Questionnaire so they are automatically included in the initial draft.


Call 0845 850 9355
for further support




You can install Express Wills on as many PC as you like, either individually or as part of a network. What's more, there is no additional charge for using it across a network.

To begin using your Express Wills CD-ROM you need to register by calling the Helpdesk on 0345 850 9355. The Helpdesk will provide you with your 10 units that come free with your initial purchase of Express Wills.

Below are instructions for installing the CD-ROM on a single computer, or across a network of computers.

Click to find out more information:


How to install Express Wills as a single user (PDF)


How to install Express Wills across a network (PDF)




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Call 0345 850 9355 for further support