Early Bird Offers

Early Bird Offers

Benefit from up to 15% off when you pre-order our handpicked selection of new legal publications on ProView

We are pleased to offer early-bird, pre-publication discounts on a selection of frontlist titles in selected formats. These offers are only available for a limited period so place your order today and we'll take care of the rest.`

Which titles are available to purchase?

Current titles in this offer are as follows and we are offering 10% off ProView titles and 15% off print and ProView bundles:

    • Keating on NEC, 2nd Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Oil & Gas Contracts, 3rd Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Gatley on Libel and Slander, 13th Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Civil Fraud, 1st Edition, 1st Supplement - ProView and Bundle
    • The Law of Private Equity Funds, 1st Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Rights Ancillary to Servitudes, 1st Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Child and Family Law: Volume II: Intimate Adult Relationships, 3rd Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Highway Law, 6th Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Asbestos: Law & Litigation, 2nd Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, 15th Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Clerk & Lindsell on Torts, 23rd Edition, 2nd Supplement
    • Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences, 30th Edition, 1st Supplement
    • Gloag and Henderson: The Law of Scotland, 15th Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • McGee: Limitation Periods, 9th Edition
    • Criminal Procedure in the Circuit Court, 1st Edition (Round Hall)
    • Employment Equality Law, 2nd Edition (Round Hall)
    • Arnould Law of Marine Insurance and Average, 20th Edition, 1st Supplement
    • Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings, 19th Edition, 1st Supplement - ProView and Bundle
    • Misrepresentation, Mistake and Non-Disclosure, 6th Edition
    • Carver on Bills of Lading, 5th Edition
    • The Law of Nuclear Energy, 3rd Edition - ProView and Bundle
    • Dicey, Morris & Collins on the Conflict of Laws, 6th Edition
    • Commercial Injunctions, 7th Edition, 1st Supplement
    • Contractual Duties, 3rd Edition, 1st Supplement
    • Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, 13th Edition - ProView and bundle
    • Jennings: Oil and Gas Production Contracts, 2nd Edition - ProView and bundle
    • Summerskill on Laytime, 7th Edition
    • Lewin on Trusts, 20th Edition, 1st Supplement

    We will be updating our offers on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark this page and visit us on a regular basis. You can sign up to receive monthly notifications to future offers by contacting katherine.brewer@thomsonreuters.com

    How can I take advantage of these limited time offers?

    Simply email julie.johnson@thomsonreuters.com quoting discount code GIVEME10 for ProView orders and GIVEME15 for print and ProView bundle orders.