1. Commencement of Proceedings; The Indictment
2. The Criminal Jurisdiction of the Crown Court
3. Bail, Appearance of Accused for Trial, Presence During Trial
4. Trial
5A. Sentences and Orders On Conviction
5B. Confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
6. Costs and Legal Aid
7. Criminal Appeal
8. Witnesses
9. Miscellaneous and Documentary Evidence
10. Opinion Evidence and Judicial Notice
11. Hearsay Evidence
12. Privilege, Public Interest Immunity and Disclosure
13. Evidence of Bad Character & Rehabilitation of Offenders
14. Evidence of Identification
15A. Investigatory Powers
15B. Confessions; Discretion to Exclude Evidence, etc.
16. Human Rights
17A. Acts, Omissions And Circumstance
17B. The Mental Element in Crime
18. Principals and Secondary Parties
19. Offences Against the Person
20. Sexual Offences
21. Offences under the Theft and Fraud Acts
22. Forgery, Personation and Cheating
23. Criminal Damage and Kindred Offences
24. Firearms and Offensive Weapons
25. Terrorism and Other Offences Against the Crown and Government
26. Money Laundering Offences
27. Harmful or Dangerous Drugs
28. Offences against Public Justice
29. Public Order Offences
30. Business, Revenue and Customs Offences
31. Offences relating to Marriage, Public Nuisance, and Obscene or Indecent Publications
32. Motor Vehicle Offences
33. Conspiracy, Encouragement and Attempt to Commit Crime



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