Aircraft Finance: Regulation, Security and Enforcement is the essential work on the laws relating to aircraft registration, security and enforcement.  Reflecting the global reach of the aviation industry, the work provides country-by-country guidance currently covering over 150 jurisdictions.

Adopting a question and answer format, Aircraft Finance addresses three major  points:

  • What are the requirements for the registration of aircraft?
  • What are the requirements for the registration of mortgages or other security interests in aircraft and spare parts?
  • How can enforcement be made?

The reader may, at a quick glance, find the answers to the questions which most frequently arise in the minds of bankers, leasing companies, aircraft manufacturers and lawyers. By comparing the answers to the same questions in different jurisdictions, the reader will quickly be able to decide whether a particular jurisdiction is of interest or not, where to register an aircraft or enforce one’s security.

Subscribers to Aircraft Finance also receive a chart of International Aviation Conventions, updated annually.

Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights covers the rights of third parties to seize and detain aircraft until unpaid debts are met or if aviation law has been infringed. This useful looseleaf:

  • Offers an analysis of liens (domestic and foreign) of sellers, repairers, maintenance providers, salvors and contractors
  • Shows how aircraft owners, airlines and financiers are affected by liens and detention rights
  • Covers over 100 of the busiest jurisdictions, addressing the key issues on a comparative basis
  • Details the powers of airport and air navigation authorities (including Eurocontrol) to detain and sell aircraft for unpaid landing, parking and air navigation fees
  • Sets out government powers to detain and forfeit aircraft
  • Provides vital information of interest to airlines, banks and finance houses, airports, aviation authorities, and aircraft repair and maintenance companies
  • Presents the information in question and answer format, so that information can be readily found, and technical issues easily understood

Subscribers to Aircraft Liens also receive a couple of charts: a chart of European Aviation Organisations AND a chart of UK Airports - Detention Rights both updated annually

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