Practitioners frequently have to deal with claims concerning legitimate expectations, misstatement, mistakes or misconduct.

Actions against Public Officials: Legitimate Expectations, Misstatements and Misconduct is a comprehensive guide to this area of law dealing with all aspects of the liability of public officials for their advice, statements and representations.

It focuses entirely on what legal consequences develop from what the authority has said or written and shows the full range of causes of action that might apply setting out the case law and statutory material governing each area of law.

Dealing with all applicable modes of redress, both judicial and judicial-legal, this new title helps practitioners to identify which cause of action to rely on and it explains the scope of the many privileges and immunities protecting public bodies from liability.

Actions against Public Officials provides a thorough account of when erroneous advice, statements or representations by public officials give rise to liability in public or private law. By providing a detailed analysis of the law and the underlying principles, this book will help you to argue cases raising novel points as well as giving you a comprehensive guide to the current law.

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