The packaging our suppliers use are as sustainable as they can be without compromising the structure of the package, leading to an inferior product. The material that it contains is from a renewable resource and the cartons can be recycled or composted. Board Grades are from FSC-approved board suppliers and are carbon neutral certificated. The majority of all cartons are manufactured in the UK, keeping the effects of shipping and transport to a minimum.

The compostable film our suppliers use for the mailing of our journals and the majority of our looseleafs and newsletters is home compostable, meaning customers can recycle this through their own means rather than needing any industrial methods. Compostable are predominantly plant-based materials, which can be naturally degraded into soil without leaving toxic residues. This type of packaging's biggest benefit is, when disposed of and processed in the correct way, it can be turned into natural materials, such as soil or compost, at a much faster rate than traditional plastic counterparts.

The majority of tape used is 100% recycled paper tape with a natural latex adhesive backing, making it 100% biodegradable. The paper tapes used by our suppliers are also fully recyclable.

We have also introduced cardboard bubble wrap as additional protection to the paper void fill. This paper is 100% recycled, and is also 100% recyclable with biodegradable materials.

We have worked hard to remove the plastic lids on our packaging, using fully recyclable triangular postal tubes, ensuring our products arrive at our customers in the condition they expect whilst minimising our impact on the environment.