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Kemp & Kemp: Quantum of Damages

Kemp & Kemp: Quantum of Damages
Number of volumes: 4
Series:  European Legislation Service
Practice Area:  Personal Injury Law
ISBN:  9780421216808
Subscription Information: 4 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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  • Gives you all the commentary and case law from Kemp & Kemp: The Quantum of Damages, plus enhanced search functionality and tools
  • Helps you find relevant cases and prepare schedules of damages quickly and easily
  • Allows you to move from section to section using automatic electronic cross-referencing and then print, cut and paste selected information into a word processing document
  • Enables you to search across 4000 cases in MyCase, using search terms including keyword, level of damages, claimant’s age or sex, injury classification, name of party or judge – greatly reducing the time required for your research
  • Contains calculators to work out Ogden Fatal and Nonfatal Multipliers, Adjustments for inflation, Heil v Rankin awards, Roberts v Johnstone awards and Net income Calculations
  • Offers the ability to add cases to the database, which can then be used to generate schedules of special damages
  • As part of a separate subscription package we also offer a CD service to our customers for this loose-leaf which is fully updated four times a year. For CD subscription enquiries please contact customer support on 0345 600 9355.
  • For information on CD-ROM compatibility and system requirements please see this page before purchasing.

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