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Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers

Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers
4th Edition
Practice Area:  Legal Skills
ISBN:  9780414087057
Published by:  W. Green
Publication Date:  16 Apr 2021
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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This fourth edition of Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers is a fully revised guide to legal research skills and sources of information specifically designed for solicitors and students studying Scots law. It provides advice on effective and efficient research techniques for both paper and electronic information sources.

The book is in three parts: Part I deals with the different types of legal information and retrieval strategies; Part II concentrates on electronic sources; Part III covers research skills.

Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers 4th Edition:
  • Teaches how to identify relevant and authoritative sources of legal information using various search strategies and techniques, including by name, subject, or with incomplete details
  • Examines different types of Scottish and UK legal information and explains their respective status and authority
  • Develops the ability to evaluate the currency, accuracy and validity of materials
  • Discusses the appropriate presentation of legal information
  • Focuses on the ever-increasing impact of EU and Public and Private international legal instruments on the Scottish legal system
Also included for ease of reference are:
  • A Table of Abbreviations
  • A Table of Regnal Years
  • An Index of Websites

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  1. Introduction
  2. Using Electronic Resources for Legal Research
  3. An Introduction to Case Law
  4. Search Strategies for finding Case Law
  5. An Introduction to Legislation
  6. Search Strategies for Locating UK (Westminster) Parliament Legislation
  7. Search Strategies for Finding Scottish (Holyrood) Parliament Legislation (Pre-1707 and Post-1999)
  8. Further Legal Sources and Resources of Relevance to the Scots Lawyer
  9. Selected UK Primary Sources of Law and Other Legal Information
  10. European Union Law
  11. An Introduction to Public International Law
  12. An Introduction to Topic Based Research and the Legal Investigative Process
  13. Cultivating Learning and Study Skills At University
  14. How to Use Your Research to Produce High Quality Work

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