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Residential Possession Proceedings

Residential Possession Proceedings
10th Edition
Series:  Practitioner Series
Practice Area:  Landlord & Tenant
ISBN:  9780414057272
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  13 Dec 2016
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Sitting in the Landlord & Tenant list, Residential Possession Proceedings is the definitive guide to the law and procedure relating to the possession of residential property in a single text.

"For a lawyer who wants to bring an eviction claim – this book is great." The Landlord Law Blog

It succinctly explains the action a landlord can take to regain possession of a property and how a tenant or occupant might oppose any such action. It also explains the possession rights of landlords, tenants and occupiers under the various forms of tenancy. Finally, Residential Possession Proceedings details the court proceedings necessary to affect or defend possession.
  • Is divided into three main sections: Termination and the Right to Possession; Termination and the Right to Possession – Particular Cases; and The Proceedings for Possession
  • Reproduces the relevant court forms, cases and statutory extracts throughout the commentary with larger statutory extracts and examples of exceptions to the normal possession rules reproduced in the appendices
  • Clearly outlines the action a landlord can take to regain possession of a property and how a tenant or occupant might oppose any such action
  • Succinctly explains the possession rights of landlords, tenants and occupiers under the various forms of tenancy such as assured, regulated and demoted
  • Discusses the different housing arrangements including student, agricultural and shared accommodation, mobile homes, housing co-operatives, mortgage borrowers and trespassers. Demonstrates how the possession principles apply in practice to each of these situations
  • Takes practitioners through the possession process step by step
  • Explains court procedures, including evidence requirements

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