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Melville: Forms & Agreements on Intellectual Property & International Licensing

Melville: Forms & Agreements on Intellectual Property & International Licensing
Number of volumes: 4
Practice Area:  Intellectual Property
ISBN:  9780421253001
Subscription Information: 3 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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This established four volume loose-leaf publication is a standard work for those concerned with the creation and effective commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights. With more than 170 fully drafted commercial forms and agreements its primary focus is the law and practice of licensing the core intellectual property rights which underlie all intellectual property transactions and many commercial agreements.

Melville: Forms and Agreements continues to provide coverage for the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States and the Commonwealth. As countries, companies and individuals turn to innovation to overcome sluggish economic performance, the three updates each year keep proprietors, others exploiting intellectual property rights and those developing licensing revenues up-to-date by tracking statute and case law developments as they continue to impact upon, restructure and expand this commercially vital and ever developing area of legal expertise.

  • Includes essential forms and precedents for busy IP and commercial practitioners
  • Provides rapid navigation of clause types and examples in a specialised Clause Index
  • Offers fast comparison and options for substitution of constituent clauses through the Clauses Index, allowing swift cross-reference with other forms
  • Provides commentary on the underlying rights, the legal principles and the practical issues arising when assigning, licensing rights, drafting agreements relating to intellectual property and enforcing agreements
  • Provides carefully selected extracts from cases which illustrate the relevant legal principles in practice, and the law as it develops
  • Comments on and provides guidance as to the legislative framework within which intellectual property rights arise, are assigned, licensed and otherwise exploited
  • Compiles essential statutory and other materials for instant reference
  • Provides three updates a year to ensure that recent and significant developments are always readily to hand
  • Is compiled and edited by barristers with expertise in the field of intellectual property


Creating intellectual property
  • General commissioning terms
  • Agreements with commercial organisations
  • Agreements with academic organisations
  • Agreements with individuals
  • Collaborative agreements

Evaluating intellectual property
  • Agreements and provisions relating to confidentiality
  • Evaluation, option and development agreements
  • Beta test/software evaluation agreement
  • Clinical trials agreement
  • Materials transfer agreement

Acquiring intellectual property
  • General precedents
  • Copyright assignments
  • Design assignments
  • Patent assignments
  • Assignment of know-how and non-disclosure agreement
  • Assignment of trade marks and application with benefit of goodwill and express covenants

Exploiting intellectual property
  • Licensing of technology - patent and know-how licences
  • Table of restrictions in the TTBE
  • Licensing of information - copyright licences
  • Licensing of reputation - trade mark licences
  • Distribution agreements
  • Mortgages and charges

Enforcing intellectual property
  • Letters before action and undertakings
  • UK materials concerning threats of litigation
  • Agreements as to the conduct of proceedings
  • Settlement agreements

General commentary
  • Competition law
  • Marking and notices
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
  • Associated companies, holding companies, subsidiary companies and control
  • Expressions used in intellectual property agreements
  • Formalities of execution
  • Boilerplate clauses
  • Price indexation provisions
  • Restrictive covenants and restraint of trade
  • Statutory restrictions on contractual freedom

  • UK materials on ownership, assignment and presumptions
  • UK and EC materials on freedom to contract
  • UK and EC competition law materials


General Editors
Peter Colley
David de Vall


3 updating releases published per annum. Updating releases are charged for individually when published. On receipt of your initial order the looseleaf mainwork, we will register you for the updating releases. When a new updating release is published, you will automatically receive the release along with the invoice. Please inform us, in writing, if at any time you wish to cancel the updating service. We will cancel the service and will not send you further releases.

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