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Copyright and Designs Law

Copyright and Designs Law
Number of volumes: 2
Practice Area:  Intellectual Property
ISBN:  9780851217970
General Editor: Dr James Griffin
Subscription Information: 2 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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Copyright and Designs Law provides a complete guide to the modern law of copyright and how it relates to the arts, media and new technology.

Throughout the work the authors examine and assess the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to guide you through the relevant areas of copyright and designs law. The work also takes account of the growing impact of EU law in this dynamic and fast-moving field.

This looseleaf is updated twice a year to keep you updated with the very latest case law and legislative changes, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking clarity on the 1988 Act.

  • Covers every area of copyright law
  • Explains the concepts of qualification for copyright protection
  • Authoritative treatment of copyright infringement with advice on available remedies
  • Examines the various alternatives for the registration and protection of designs so the best strategy can be adopted
  • Includes all the relevant source material including the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
  • Deals extensively with EU copyright law and how this affects practice and procedure in the UK
  • Scrutinises the practical and theoretical application of existing UK copyright laws to multimedia and the internet
  • Looks at revisions to the scheme for artists’ resale rights
  • The availability of injunctions against internet service providers
  • Copyright and of the protection of performers of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works
  • The legality of the use of decoders of encrypted broadcasts
  • The existence of copyright in photographs
  • Covers details of the Public Lending Right programme
  • Addresses licensing schemes, their control by the Copyright Tribunal, royalties and more

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1. Copyright and designs—background to the law
2. Qualification for copyright protection
3. Ownership of copyright
4. Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works
5. Other copyright works
6. Primary infringement of copyright—general principles
7. Secondary infringement—general principles
8. Permitted Acts—general principles
9. Remedies and offences
10. Infringement—literary, dramatic and musical works
11. Infringement—artistic works
12. Infringement—films and sound recordings
13. Infringement—broadcasts
14. Copyright and computers
15. Licensing schemes, licensing and the Copyright Tribunal: Copyright
15A. Legal protection of databases
16. Moral rights
17. Rights in performances
17A. Public Lending Right (PLR)
17AA. Licensing schemes, licensing and the Copyright Tribunal: Performers’ rights
18. The protection of industrial designs
19. Artistic copyright in designs
20. Registered designs I: Registrability
21. Registered designs II: the registration of designs
22. Registered designs III: scope of monopoly
23. Unregistered design right I: nature
24. Unregistered design right II: scope of monopoly


General Editor
Dr. James Griffin

Consulting Editors
Professor Robert Merkin
Jack Black


2 updating releases a year.

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