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Regulation of Insurance in the UK, Ireland and EU

Regulation of Insurance in the UK, Ireland and EU
(Formerly Kluwer's Regulation of Insurance)
Number of volumes: 2
Practice Area:  Insurance Law
ISBN:  9781870080323
Subscription Information: 3 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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Regulation of Insurance provides definitive coverage of the insurance regulatory regime in the United Kingdom, Ireland and European Union. It gives a detailed examination of the current regulation of insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, and insurance contract terms. Focusing on the UK and Ireland, with an overview of regulation in EU member states, it offers practical and expert guidance on insurance regulation in two volumes and is updated three times a year.
  • Looks at the government regulation of insurers: its purpose and the methods used
  • Examines the concept of regulation and the policy objectives underpinning a multitude of national legislative provisions
  • Provides detailed coverage of UK insurance company law with particular reference to the current licensing and compliance requirements of the FCA Handbook and PRA rulebook
  • Examines the investigatory and remedial powers of the FCA and insurance company insolvency law
  • Shows how access to western European insurance markets has been liberalised and progress made towards liberalising insurance markets on continental Europe
  • Addresses the regulation of insurance and investment intermediaries in the UK and Ireland
  • Covers supervision over common law insurance (and investment) contract terms in both the UK and Ireland

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Part A    The Idea of Insurance Regulation
  • Government Control of Insurers
  • Insolvencies of Insurers : can they be prevented?
  • Regulation of insurers in Western Europe
  • Government Regulation of Insurers in the EU
  • Regulation and a Single European Market
  • Regulation of Insurance Intermediaries and Selling Practices
  • The Financial Services Acts 2000
  • Regulation of Insurance and the Handbook of Rules and Guidance
  • The Prudential Sourcebooks
  • The Fee Structure of the Authorities
  • Regulation of Investment Business in Ireland
  • EU Financial Regulation
  • Appendices
Part B    Regulation of Insurers in the United Kingdom
  • The nature and extent of UK insurance company regulation and the powers of the Financial Regulations
  • Forms of business association operating in the UK market
  • Obtaining UK insurance permissions and EEA insurance passports
  • Special requirements for newly authorised insurers
  • Regulation of licensed non-life insurers
  • Regulation of licensed insurers
  • Lloyd’s
  • Regulation of licensed life assurers
  • Information gathering, investigative, preventative, remedial, enforcement and disciplinary powers of the Regulators
  • Transfer of insurance business portfolios
  • Court protection for insurance companies against their creditors
  • Liquidating insurance companies
  • Compensating policyholders and other claimants against insolvent insurers
  • Appendices
Part C    Regulation of Insurers in Ireland
  • The growth of regulatory powers
  • Entering the Irish insurance market
  • Regulation of reinsurance
  • Regulation of Licensed non-life insurers
  • Regulation of licensed life assurers
  • Regulation of insurance groups
  • Regulation of financial conglomerates
  • Investigative and other remedial powers of the Financial Regulator
  • Appendices
Part CE    Regulation of Insurance Companies in Europe
  • Accessing host EEA member states using a single insurance licence
  • Developments in central and eastern Europe
  • World financial stability and the regulation of insurance companies
  • Global trade and the regulation of financial services
Part D    Regulation of insurance (and investment) intermediaries
  • Regulation of insurance (and investment) intermediaries in the United Kingdom
  • Regulation of insurance (and investment) intermediaries in Ireland
  • Regulation of insurance intermediaries in Europe
  • Appendices
Part E    Supervision of Insurance Contracts
  • Supervision of insurance (and investment) contract terms in the United Kingdom
  • Supervision of insurance contracts in Ireland
  • Appendices
Part F    Representatives of government, insurers, intermediaries and consumers
  • Representatives and organisations in the United Kingdom
  • Representatives and organisations in Ireland
Part G    Legislative sources
  • European Union
  • Exchange rate for the Euro
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland


3 releases per year.

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