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Highway Law

Highway Law
6th Edition
ISBN:  9780414088832
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  31 Mar 2022
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Hardback
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Highway Law is a popular and well-established practitioner text on all aspects of the law governing highways. The new 6th edition supplies a detailed and practical commentary on the law relating to the creation, upkeep, development and ownership of highways, including the powers and duties of highway authorities, the rights of users of the highway and of those who own land around the highway.
  • Provides a complete reference to the law governing highways
  • Delivers clear, practical guidance, written in a straightforward and accessible style
  • Addresses matters of particular interest to practitioners, such as stopping up and diversion orders, traffic orders, street works, footpaths, bridleways and bridges
  • Deals with the impact of the Human rights Act in this area
  • Contains sections dedicated to Wales and London
  • Incorporates the latest legislative and case law developments
  • Details the powers and duties of the highway authorities, the rights of users and the rights and responsibilities of owners and land near highways
  • Ensures you understand the rights and responsibilities of the party you're advising
  • Refers to all recent legislation, relevant statutory instruments and case law, such as the Countryside and Rights of Way Act and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
  • Makes sure you are working from the most up-to-date source available, recognises the impact these changes have on area of highway law and affected parties
  • Contains sections dedicated to Wales and London so that you can take on a case confidently regardless of the areas it covers

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  • Chapter 1: Highways and Highway Authorities
  • Chapter 2: Creation of Highways
  • Chapter 3: Rights of the Highway Authority and of Adjoining Landowners In, Under and Over the Highway
  • Chapter 4: The Maintenance of Highways
  • Chapter 5: Civil Liability of Highway Authorities
  • Chapter 6: Improvement of Highways
  • Chapter 7: Protection of the Highway and of Highway Users: (1) Public Nuisance and its Remedies
  • Chapter 8: Protection of the Highway and of Highway Users: (2) Statutory Powers Relating to Authorised and Unauthorised Interferences with the Highway
  • Chapter 9: Extinguishment and Diversion of Highways
  • Chapter 10: Streets and Private Streets
  • Chapter 11: Bridges
  • Chapter 12: Footpaths and Bridleways
  • Chapter 13: Access to Open Land and to Coastal Land
  • Chapter 14: Street Works
  • Chapter 15: Authorisation Procedures, Acquisition of Land, Compulsory Purchase Powers, Inquiries and Compensation
  • Chapter 16: Traffic Regulation and Management
  • Chapter 17: Miscellaneous Matters
  • Appendices
  • 1. Highways in London
  • 2. Highways in Wales
  • 3. Summary of the Main Powers available for Stopping Up or Diversion of Highways
  • 4. Summary of the Main Dispute and Compensation Procedures under The Highways Act 1980

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