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Archbold: International Criminal Courts

Archbold: International Criminal Courts
Practice, Procedure and Evidence
5th Edition
Practice Area:  Criminal Law
ISBN:  9780414067585
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  21 Sep 2018
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Hardback
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Archbold International Criminal Courts provides a comprehensive guide to the practice, procedure and rules of evidence applicable to all international criminal courts. Covering the rules, processes and decisions of trial and appellate chambers of the ICC, the work ensures you are following the correct procedures at all times.
  • Provides a comprehensive guide to the practice, procedure, and rules of evidence applicable to all international criminal courts
  • Covers the rules, processes and decisions of trial and appellate chambers of the International Criminal Tribunals
  • Advises on how to prepare for cases and directly participate in trial proceedings
  • Details how to manage specific offences such as crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression, genocide etc
  • Incorporates Sentencing, Appeals and Legal aid
  • Covers the emerging field of victim participation and reparation
  • Explains the structure of the courts and the powers they have
  • Covers the ICTY/ICTR/ICC/ECCC, UN Special Courts for the prosecution of serious international crimes in Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Lebanon
  • Presents the material in a comprehensive manner with detailed annotation
  • Disperses commentary between the carefully selected sections, parts of statutes, draft, treaties etc.

  • Major judgments delivered before the ICTY, including those in the trials of Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic
  • All other new judgments with case law, including
    • Lubanga, Mbarushimana, Bemba
    • Al Mahdi (the first cultural property case)
    • The first contempt case of the ICC
    • The ECCC's second judgment in the main leadership case, and other new cases being investigated
  • Significant developments in law and procedure, including
    • The newly established Kosovo Special Court, whose first indictments are expected in 2018
    • The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which is especially important given that the trials are taking place in absentia
    • The dramatic developments of the ICC itself, with the trial and appellate proceedings that have been undertaken, particularly in respect of the admissibility of evidence, expert witnesses, protection of witnesses, presence of the accused
    • Developments relating to victims and their participation, with the first rulings on reparations for victims following the completion of trials, including in the Lubanga case
  • Preliminary examinations opened in respect of Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine and Palestine
  • New guidelines and prosecutorial policy on investigations


  1. Introduction
  2. Establishment and Jurisdiction of the Courts, and Sources of Law
  3. Structure of the Courts
  4. Powers of the Courts
  5. Principles of Interpretation
  6. Investigations, Charging and Warrants
  7. Pre-trial and Confirmation Procedure
  8. Trial Procedure
  9. Rules of Evidence
  10. Forms of Participation in Offences
  11. War Crimes
  12. Crimes against Humanity
  13. Genocide
  14. Crimes of Aggression
  15. Victim Participation
  16. Contempt, Offences against the Administration of Justice and Removal from Office
  17. Defences and Procedural Bars to Jurisdiction
  18. Sentencing, Compensation, Restitution & Imprisonment
  19. Appeals and Reviews
  20. Legal Representation and Legal Aid
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