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Keating on NEC

Keating on NEC
2nd Edition
Practice Area:  Construction Law
ISBN:  9780414034181
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  20 May 2022
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Hardback
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With the publication of the NEC4 contract, David Thomas and the team at Keating Chambers provide analysis of both NEC3 as it is used in practice, as well as a commentary on the changes introduced by NEC4, giving readers guidance on how to draft and use these contracts.

  • Provides commentary on the two key NEC contracts: the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and the Professional Services Contract (PSC)
  • Reproduces clauses and provides clause-by-clause commentary explaining how the contracts are intended to operate
  • Highlights ambiguities and questions of interpretation that arise and makes reference to relevant case law.
  • Written by leading barristers experienced in advising on NEC contracts.
  • Delivered in a clear, practical style.
New to edition:
  • Provides commentary on NEC4 clauses, alongside those of NEC3, so that comparisons can be easily made

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  3. ECC Section 2—The Contractor’s Main Responsibilities; 
  4. ECC Section 3—Time; 
  5. ECC Section 4—Testing and Defects;  
  6. ECC Section 5—Payment; 
  7. ECC Section 6—Compensation Events;
  8. ECC Section 7—Title; 
  9. ECC Section 8—Risk Allocation and Insurance;
  10. ECC Section 9—Termination; 
  11. ECC Section 10—Dispute Resolution; 
  12. ECC—The Contract Data;
  13. PSC Section 1—General;
  14. PSC Section 2—The Parties’ Main Responsibilities;
  15. PSC Section 3—Time; 
  16. PSC Section 4—Quality and Defects;
  17. PSC Section 5—Payment; 
  18. PSC Section 6—Compensation Events;
  19. PSC Section 7—Rights to Material; 
  20. PSC Section 9—Termination; 
  21. PSC—Dispute Resolution; 
  22. PSC—The Contract Data;
  23. PSC Section 5—Payment; 
  24. PSC Section 6—Compensation Events; 
  25. PSC Section 7—Rights to Material; 
  26. PSC Section 9—Termination; 
  27. PSC—Dispute Resolution; 
  28. PSC—The Contract Data
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