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Palmer's Company Law: Annotated Guide to the Companies Act 2006

Palmer's Company Law: Annotated Guide to the Companies Act 2006
2nd Edition
Practice Area:  Company Law
ISBN:  9780414040878
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  19 Nov 2009
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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The 2nd edition of the Annotated Guide to the Companies Act 2006:
  • Provides updated annotations on all sections of the Companies Act 2006, including those sections which have been inserted or amended since the first edition, and lists the commencement date of each section of the Act
  • Reproduces each section of the Act, with commentary following on immediately
  • Refers to case law and Sis which have arisen in the implementation period
  • Provides cross references to applicable secondary legislation and lists all statutory instruments made under the Companies Act 2006
  • Reproduces the various forms of Model Articles of Association made under the 2006 Act (applicable from October 1, 2009)


Introduction: An overview of the history of the Act and summaries of related parts
Part 1: General introductory provisions
Part 2: Company formation
Part 3: A company's constitution
Part 4: A company's capacity and related matters
Part 5: A company's name
Part 6: A company's registered office
Part 7: Re-registration as a means of altering a company's status
Part 8: A company's members
Part 9: Exercise of members' rights
Part 10: A company's directors
Part 11: Derivative claims and proceedings by members
Part 12: Company secretaries
Part 13: Resolutions and meetings
Part 14: Control of political donations and expenditure
Part 15: Accounts and reports
Part 16: Audit
Part 17: A company's share capital
Part 18: Acquisition by limited company of its own shares
Part 19: Debentures
Part 20: Private and public companies
Part 21: Certification and transfer of securities
Part 22: Information about interests in a company's shares
Part 23: Distributions
Part 24: A company's annual return
Part 25: Company charges
Part 26: Arrangement and reconstructions
Part 27: Mergers and divisions of public companies
Part 28: Takeovers etc.
Part 29: Fraudulent trading
Part 30: Protection of members against unfair prejudice
Part 31: Dissolution and restoration to the register
Part 32: Company investigations: amendments
Part 33: UK companies not formed under companies legislation
Part 34: Overseas companies
Part 35: The registrar of companies
Part 36: Offences under the Companies Acts
Part 37: Companies: supplementary provisions
Part 38: Companies: interpretation
Part 39: Companies: minor amendments
Part 40: Company directors: foreign disqualification etc
Part 41: Business names
Part 42: Statutory auditors
Part 43: Transparency obligations and related matters
Part 44: Miscellaneous provisions
Part 45: Northern Ireland
Part 46: General supplementary provisions
Part 47: Final provisions
17 schedules
  • Model Articles of Association
  • Bankruptcy and Diligence Etc. (Scotland) Act 2007 Pt 2
  • Surviving Provisions: Companies Act 1985 and 1989, and Companies (Audit, Investigations, and Community Enterprise) Act 2004
  • Table of Derivations
  • Table of Destinations
  • Table of Commencement Dates List of Statutory Instruments
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