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Summerskill on Laytime

Summerskill on Laytime
6th Edition
Series:  British Shipping Laws
Practice Area:  Commercial Law
ISBN:  9780414057050
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  24 Oct 2017
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Hardback
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Summerskill on Laytime, a key and established title in this specialist field, comprehensively covers laytime and demurrage under English law. Ideal for practitioners in the field, this title presents the principles behind laytime, the standard clauses, interruptions, suspensions, demurrage, detention and dispatch. The new edition will cover recent case law as well as the 2013 Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties.

Key Benefits:
  • Examines all the key aspects of laytime: the charterer’s duties and considerations, the nature of the laytime, its calculation, legal/contractual excuses for delay, demurrage, damages for detention
  • Goes through the practical and legal considerations which determine whether a party has complied with the laytime terms of a voyage charterparty or a sale of goods contract
  • Explains the consequences of failure to comply
  • Shows how damages are assessed
  • Provides detailed commentary on laytime and demurrage clauses from a range of charterparties
  • Examines English arbitration awards in detail
  • Introduces chapters on damages for detention on sales contracts
  • Features a glossary of specialist terms
  • Provides working examples for various calculations, such as demurrage and dispatch
  • Provides commentary on the interplay between claims arising from sales of goods contracts and voyage charters
  • Examines each clauses along with its effects
  • Discusses available actions when laytime is not fixed or calculable
  • Details what happens upon reaching the destination
  • Covers the concept of readiness
  • Explains the modifying clauses that adjust when laytime begins
  • Details the effects of interruption by bad weather as well as other forms of suspension of laytime


  1. Introduction
  2. Laytime Clauses and Their Effects
  3. Laytime not Fixed
  4. Reaching the Destination
  5. Readiness
  6. Modification of Requirements for beginning of Laytime
  7. Interruption by Bad Weather
  8. Suspension of Laytime – other than by Bad Weather
  9. Relationship of Loading and Discharging Times
  10. Demurrage
  11. Detention
  12. Liability for Demurrage and Detention
  13. Dispatch

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