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Business Laws of Oman

Business Laws of Oman
Number of volumes: 2
Practice Area:  Commercial Law
ISBN:  9781907229060
Translated by: SNR Denton
Subscription Information: Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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Expert translations from Arabic into English of Omani business laws, with commentary.

The publication contains expert translations from Arabic into English of Omani business legislation, and is regularly updated and expanded. SNR Denton, the international law firm, is contributing its own expert translations into English of all the laws published in Business Laws of Oman. The firm's commentary on the legislation is presented in the form of notes adjacent to the text of the laws.


Introduction to business law in Oman
by Alastair Hirst, formerly SNR Denton
Civil & Commercial Procedure Legislation

• Law of Civil & Commercial procedure, Royal Decree 29/2002, as amended by Royal Decree No 92/2005
• Evidence Law in Civil & Commercial Transactions – Royal Decree 68/2008
Commercial Legislation
• The Law of Commerce - Sultani Decree 55/1990
• The Oman Foreign Capital Investment Law - Sultani Decree 102/94 as amended & with comment on the amendment of this law by the operation of Sultani Decree 112/2000
• The Commercial Agencies Law - Sultani Decree 26/77 as amended & with comment on the amendment of this law by the operation of Sultani Decree 112/2000
• Telecommunications Regulation Law - Sultani Decree 30/2002
• Law of Electronic Transactions - Sultani Decree 69/2008
• The Privatisation Law, Sultani Decree No 77, 2004, as amended 2009
• Regulation for the Privatisation of the Electricity & Related Water Sector, Royal Decree No 78, 2004
Corporate Legislation
• The Commercial Companies Law - Sultani Decree 04/1974 as amended
• Rules for Electing Directors of SAOG Companies, & Liabilities of Directors - Ministerial Decision 137/2002 as amended

Banking & Finance Legislation

• The Capital Market Law – Sultani Decree 80/1998 as amended
• Executive Regulations of the Capital Market Law - Decision No 1/2009
• The Banking Law - Royal Decree 114/2000, as amended 2004
• The Banking Law - Royal Decree 7/1974
• The Law of Money Laundering – Royal Decree No 34 , 2002
• The Income Tax Law - Sultani Decree 28/2009
• Executive Regulations of the Income Tax Law – Ministerial Decision No 30/2012
Labour & Immigration

• The Labour Law - Sultani Decree 35/2003 as amended
• The Social Insurance Law - Sultani Decree 72 of 1991
Intellectual Property Legislation
• Copyright & Related Rights Law - Sultani Decree 65/2008, as amended
• Implementing Regulations under the Copyright & Related Rights Law - Ministerial Decision 103/2008
• Industrial Property Rights Law - Sultani Decree 67/2008 as amended
• Implementing Regulations under the Industrial Property Rights Law - Ministerial Decree 105/2008

Arbitration Legislation

• The Law of Arbitration in Civil & Commercial Disputes - Sultani Decree 47/1997 as amended

Real Estate Legislation

• Land Law – Royal Decree 5/198
• The Land Register Law – Royal Decree 2/98
• The Law of Expropriation of property for public Use – Royal Decree 64/1978
• The Law Regulating the Ownership of Real Estate by Nationals of GCC States – Royal Decree 21/2004
• Tenancy Law – Royal Decree 6/1989

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