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Maps of World Financial Law

Maps of World Financial Law
6th Edition
ISBN:  9781847033420
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  22 Jan 2008
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Maps of World Financial Law presents the perfect visual tool for international finance through using maps and charts to differentiate the world’s jurisdictions in relation to different topics within financial services law. This unique reference:
  • Explains financial law in the world’s jurisdictions by using maps and charts allowing you to see the world position in one glance
  • Uses colours to grade the approach of the world’s jurisdictions to particular topics providing a unique and revolutionary method of distilling world financial law in a striking way
  • Enables you to clearly see which jurisdictions have factors in common
  • Introduces a new set of criteria for a taxonomy or classification of legal systems using full colour maps and charts so that you can find your way around the world's jurisdictions
  • Gives you summaries and explanations of each topic before the full colour maps and charts ensuring you fully understand the information shown
  • Provides you with the only available series of maps and charts on key subjects in world financial law and practice allowing you to easily understand, explain and analyse information from each jurisdiction
  • Complements The Law and Practice of International Finance Series, visually explaining the concepts and their application


  • Role of financial law
  • Key map of jurisdictions
  • Legal families of the world's jurisdictions
  • American common law jurisdictions
  • English common law jurisdictions
  • Napoleonic jurisdictions
  • Roman-Germanic jurisdictions
  • Mixed civil/common law jurisdictions
  • Islamic jurisdictions
  • New jurisdictions
  • Unallocated jurisdictions
  • Five key indicators of financial law
  • Other indicators of financial law
  • Insolvency set-off and netting
  • Free transferability of contracts and publicity
  • Security Interests
  • Trusts in financial law
  • Insolvency: corporate insolvency rescue laws
  • Insolvency: avoidance or preferences
  • State insolvency
  • Regulation of international finance
  • International consensus in other areas of law
  • Harmonization of financial law
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