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Public Law - The Fundamentals

Public Law - The Fundamentals
ISBN:  9780414062191
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  22 Sep 2021
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Public Law Fundamentals

Public Law – The Fundamentals presents a clear and detailed explanation of the area, with features that aid comprehension and understanding, providing an excellent grounding in the subject and a solid basis for the study of law.

The Fundamentals series introduces students to the principles of the law by way of clear text combined with visual aids, tools and diagrams to enable an easy understanding of the subject without sacrificing the detail that is required for proper comprehension. Each title assumes no level of prior knowledge, allowing the book to be used for those new to the subject and for distance learning.

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Part 1 Introduction to the UK Constitution
1 Introduction to Constitution
2 Structure of United Kingdom Governance
3 Sources of the United Kingdom Constitution
Part 2 Principles of the UK Constitution
4 The Rule of Law
5 Separation of Powers
6 Parliamentary Sovereignty
Part 3 International Influences on the Constitution
7 Membership of the European Union
8 The European Convention on Human Rights
9 The Human Rights Act 1998
Part 4 Parliament & The Executive 
10 The Franchise and Elections
11 The House of Commons
12 The House of Lords
13 Parliamentary Privilege
14 The Executive: Crown, Prime Minister and Cabinet
15 Prerogative Power
Part 5 Judicial Review
16 The Nature & Scope of Judicial Review
17 Ultra Vires and Illegality 
18 Unreasonableness and Proportionality
19 Unfairness: Procedural Impropriety
20 Legitimate Expectation
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