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Holiday Law

Holiday Law
The Law relating to Travel and Tourism
6th Edition
Practice Area:  Academic Law, Consumer Law
ISBN:  9780414065888
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  21 Sep 2018
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Holiday Law: The Law Relating to Travel and Tourism, considered to be the leading text on holiday law, provides a comprehensive guide to the law as it relates to all forms of holidays. Its broad coverage of the subject includes the nature of the contractual relationship between tour operator, civil liability and the effects of insolvency and examines the travel industry and looks at the agencies that regulate the industry.

The law relating to holidays, travel and tourism has developed significantly over the last few years to reflect the changes in the way that people are buying their travel services and the way that travel companies are selling them. New regulations seek to extend protection to more travellers and the courts are dealing with more diverse claims as travellers look to enforce those rights and travel companies seek clarification on their responsibilities. 

Holiday Law provides comprehensive guidance to the law as it relates to different forms of holiday and travel, including package holidays and independent travel.

Key features:
  • Clearly laid out and well-written
  • Easy to read and invaluable guide to the complexities of the law
  • Provides the student with a grounding in the legal system before they delve further into the actual substantive law
  • Provides a breakdown of the legal system including its courts and functions
  • Provides the student with an understanding of the industry and its various regulatory bodies
  • Examines the scope of the Regulations and definitions, highlighting what is and isn’t covered
  • Explains the various ways in which a travel agent can be liable
  • Practical Litigation: what you can expect from the court system and practical tips on conducting a litigation

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  1. Introduction
  2. Package Travel Regulations: Definitions
  3. Formation of the Contract and Information Duties
  4. Contents of the Contract
  5. Liability
  6. Exclusion of Liability and Unfair Contract Terms
  7. Misrepresentation
  8. Privity of Contract
  9. Frustration of Contract
  10. Remedies
  11. Travel Agents
  12. Insolvency and Security
  13. Trains and Boats and Planes
  14. Foreign Affairs
  15. Practical Litigation
  16. Criminal Offences
  17. Defences and Enforcement Orders
  18. Appendices
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