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Haley & McMurtry: Equity & Trusts

Haley & McMurtry: Equity & Trusts
6th Edition
Series:  Sweet & Maxwell's Textbook Series
Practice Area:  Academic Law, Trusts Law
ISBN:  9780414078291
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  23 Sep 2020
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Equity & Trusts Textbook

Equity & Trusts presents a clear and current picture of the law of equity and trusts, with comprehensive coverage that assumes no pre-existing knowledge of the topic by the reader.

Equity & Trusts:
  • Presents a detailed account of the law of equity and trusts, placing the subject in its modern context
  • Takes account of the latest legislative and case law developments
  • Combines in-depth commentary with critical analysis to give more than just a guide to the law
  • Mirrors the structure of a traditional equity and trusts course for ease of use during studies
  • Illustrates how the law operates in practice
  • Gives examples to aid understanding of the more complex and technical areas
  • Offers a short guide to further reading at the end of each chapter
  • Contains a glossary of key terms at the start of the work

New to this Edition:
  • on a general level, recent developments in relation to Stack v Dowden, dishonest assistance in a breach of trust, the role of the constructive trust where property is acquired by joint venture or unlawful killing, names and arms clauses, advancing charitable purposes, and the grant or refusal of injunctive relief
  • in the specific context of resulting trusts, a revamped chapter including an updated analysis of the Quistclose trust and a range of new cases addressing inter alia, the residual role of the purchase money resulting trust, the operation of the presumption of advancement and the scope of the illegality defence post-Patel v Mirza
  • on breach of trust and the personal liability of trustees, a closer examination of equitable compensation post-Target and Redler, incorporating a host of new cases at Court of Appeal level
Equity & Trusts is an indispensable resource for all those studying law at degree or graduate diploma level.

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  1. An Introduction
  2. The Three Certainties
  3. Constitution of Trusts
  4. Formalities and the Perpetuity Rules
  5. Post-Mortem Trusts: Mutual Wills and Secret Trusts
  6. Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts
  7. Charitable Trusts
  8. Cy-pres
  9. Resulting Trusts
  10. Constructive Trusts
  11. Trusts of the Family Home
  12. The Appointment, Retirement and Removal of Trustees
  13. The Duties of a Trustee
  14. Powers
  15. Variation of Trusts
  16. Setting Trusts Aside
  17. Breach of Trust
  18. Injunctions
  19. Specific Performance
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