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Employment Law

Employment Law
2nd Edition
Series:  Sweet & Maxwell's Textbook Series
Practice Area:  Academic Law
ISBN:  9780421828902
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  25 Aug 2006
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Employment Law Textbook

Employment Law provides the reader with a clear, logical and progressive approach to the subject. Like all books in the Textbook Series it sets out a clear framework for the law without sacrificing the detail which is required for a proper understanding of the subject

  • Adopts a contextual approach, with analysis and discussion and sufficient depth of coverage to serve as a main course text for degree level and post-graduate law courses, and law content of HRM and Business courses
  • Includes diagrams to help students grasp subjects such as employment status, the contract of employment, unfair dismissal, and industrial action
  • Incorporates the latest legislative and case law developments, including developments in employment status, statutory grievance procedures, discrimination, health and safety, dismissal and industrial action

    Sources of employment law
    • Statute
    • Case law
    • European law
    The tribunal and court system
    • Informality
    • Representation
    • Legal aid
    • Costs
    • The members
    • Certain rules of evidence
    Who is an employee?
    • Definitions and tests
    • Typical workers
    • Atypical workers
    The contract of employment
    • Express terms
    • Implied terms
    Equal pay
    • The Equal Pay Act 1970
    • Like work
    • Work rated as equivalent
    • Work of equal value
    • Genuine material factor defence
    • What is pay?
    • Sex and race discrimination
    • Scope of existing legislation
    • The EOC, CRE and DRC
    • The Sexual Discrimination Act 1975
    • The Race Relations Act 1976
    • Positive discrimination
    • Sexual orientation
    • Direct discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Comparators
    • Victimisation
    • Indirect discrimination
    • Pool of comparators
    • Dress codes
    • Vicarious liability
    • Defence
    • Remedies
    • Disability discrimination
    Other statutory rights
    • National Minimum Wage Act 1998
    • Working Time Regulations 1998
    • Maternity rights
    • Human Rights Act 1998
    • Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
    • Fixed-term Employees Regulations 2002
    Health and safety
    • Common law
    • Statute
    Termination of employment
    • Termination by way of contract
    • Termination in breach of contract
    • Termination by methods external to the contract
    Wrongful dismissal
    • Basic position
    • Other developments
    • The effect of repudiatory breach
    • Public law remedies
    Unfair dismissal
    • Can the applicant claim?
    • Can a dismissal be identified
    • The reasons for dismissal
    • The fairness of the dismissal
    • Work of a particular kind
    • Place of work
    • Who is eligible
    • Continuity of employment
    • Procedure
    • Compensation
    • Transfer of undertakings
    • Common law position
    • Transfer of undertakings
    • "undertaking"
    • "relevant transfer"
    • Dismissal of employees
    • Consultation over transfers
    Restraint of trade
    • Competition whilst employed
    • Garden leave
    • Restrictive covenants
    Trade unions and their members
    • Independent trade union status
    • Trade union recognition
    • Trade union political funds
    • Freedom of association
    • Union rules
    Industrial action
    • Official and unofficial action
    • Trade union's liability in tort
    • The major economic torts
    • Inducement to breach contract
    • Interference with contract
    • Interference with trade or businesses
    • Intimidation
    • Conspiracy
    • Is the action protected by an immunity?
    • Has the immunity been lost?
    Examination checklist
    Examination guidance questions


    "This is a well-written and balanced text. It allows the reader to quickly understand the basics so they can be applied to practical situations." Student Law Journal
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