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Commercial Law

Commercial Law
10th Edition
Series:  Sweet & Maxwell's Textbook Series
Practice Area:  Academic Law, Commercial Law
ISBN:  9780414103412
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  27 Oct 2022
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Commercial Law Textbook

Commercial Law presents a clear and detailed account of commercial law, covering the fundamental principles and how the law works in practice. The work concentrates on those topics common to the majority of undergraduate law courses such as sale of goods, consumer credit and agency.
In addition, Commercial Law:
  • Includes topical and relevant practical examples to help draw out key principles
  • Uses introductions to parts to link the law into its wider context
  • Contains references to further reading and web-based sources at the end of each chapter to enable further study of the subject
Commercial Law is an essential textbook for those studying law at degree or graduate diploma level. Its clarity and comprehensive coverage also make it an indispensable resource.

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Part I: Sale of Goods
1. Introduction and Definition of a Sale of Goods
2. Formation and Cancellation of the Contract
3. The Passing of Property and Risk
4. Perishing of Goods
5. Seller not the Owner
6. Misrepresentation
7. Term of the Contract
8. The Supply of Goods and Services
9. Product Liability
10. Exemption Clauses and Unfair Terms
11. Delivery and Payment
12. Seller's Remedies
13. Buyer's Remedies
14. The Measure of Damages
15. Auction Sales
16. Unfair Trading Practices

Part II: Consumer Credit
17. Introduction and Definition of Hire Purchase and Other Forms of Never-Never
18. The Consumer Credit Act 1974
19. Authorisation
20. Advertising and Seeking Business
21. Formation of a Consumer Credit Agreement
22. Creditor's Liability in Respect of Goods or Services Supplied
23. Enforcement by the Creditor or Owner
24. Termination of Hire Purchase Contracts
25. Termination of Credit Sale, Conditional Sale and Consumer Hire Agreements

Part III: Agency
26. The Law of Agency
27. The Creation of Agency
28. The Duties of an Agent
29. The Rights of an Agent Against His Principal
30. Contracts Made by Agents
31. Commercial Agents
32. Termination of Agency
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