Arnould Law of Marine Insurance and Average



Arnould Law of Marine Insurance and Average explains the form, contents and construction of marine insurance policies, and the procedures and evidence required in bringing a case.


  • Details the different classes of insurers and the jurisdictions under which they operate.
  • Covers the rights, duties and liabilities of the assured’s agents.
  • Sets out the scope and limits of ‘insurable interests’ and their valuation.
  • Analyses time and voyage policies, and the consequences of change of voyage, deviation and delay.
  • Covers pre-contractual factors such as the principles of the duty of utmost good faith, non-disclosure and misrepresentation.
  • Conversely explains post-contractual duties of good faith, as well as fraudulent claims
  • Explains express and implied warranties.
  • Deals with various types of losses coverable by the policy, covering marine risks, war risks, sue and labour expenses.
  • Compares general average and particular average.
  • Covers actual total loss, constructive total loss, abandonment and subrogation.
  • Analyses principles of reinsurance in the context of marine insurance.
  • Includes the Marine Insurance Act 1906, Marine Insurance Policy Forms and Clauses, the York-Antwerp Rules 2004, the Rules of Practice of the Association of Average Adjusters, and the relevant sections of the Insurance Act 2015 as appendices.