The White Book contains the sources of law relating to the practice and procedures of the High Court and the County Court for the handling of civil litigation, subject to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). These sources are supplemented by substantial and comprehensive expert commentary.

Volume 1

Volume 1 contains the core materials needed for practising in the civil courts, County Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal. It is principally devoted to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), Practice Directions and Pre-Action Protocols, together with substantial and comprehensive expert commentary.

Section A ‐ Full text of the Civil Procedure Rules (and Practice Directions) plus commentary

Section B ‐ Index to Miscellaneous Practice Directions & Guidance [the Miscellaneous Practice Directions, Practice Guidance, Practice Notes et al are allocated to the Parts to which they are specifically applicable]

Section C ‐ Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols

Section D ‐ Table of Time Limits

Section E ‐ Glossary

Volume 2

Volume 2 contains materials relating to special procedures (CPR Parts 57A to 63A, and Parts relating to Terrorism), Procedural and Court Guides, legislation and commentary on other, substantive, proceedings (eg. Housing, Business Tenancies, PI, and Insolvency) and sections on Contempt of Court, Limitation, Rights of Audience, ADR and Interim Remedies, and other general resources, including jurisdictional & procedural legislation.

Section A1 ‐ Procedural Guides

Section 1 ‐ Court Guides

Section 2 ‐ Specialist Proceedings (Parts 57A-63A & Companies Act Proceedings)

Section 3 ‐ Other Proceedings (Housing, Business Tenancies, Contempt of Court, Human Rights, Insolvency, Personal Injury, Data Protection, Consumer Credit, Discrimination, Directors´ Disqualification, Civil Recovery, Prevention of Terrorism (Parts 76, 79, 80, 88), Devolution, Employment)

Section 4 ‐ Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Section 5 ‐ International Jurisdiction & Enforcement of Judgments

Section 6 ‐ Administration of Funds, Property & Affairs

Section 7 ‐ - Costs & Litigation Funding (this section includes the remaining pre-1 April 2013 Costs Rules subject to transitional or savings provisions (Parts 43x to 45x)

Section 8 ‐ Limitation

Section 9 ‐ Jurisdictional & Procedural Legislation

Section 10 ‐ Court Fees

Section 11-15 ‐ Litigation & Procedural Topics (CPR, Rights of Audience, ADR, Interim Remedies)

Additional Content Online, on ProView and on CD - A selection of content is available only on the White Book on Westlaw UK, ProView and the CD, principally in Volume 2. The full list can be found in the preliminary pages of Volumes 1 and 2 or on the bookmark.


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