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Submit Your Book Proposal

We welcome new book proposals in all the major legal practice areas.

What to consider before submitting your book proposal

  • When thinking about your book proposal it's important to think about whether your book idea has a unique selling point - an angle on the topic that is new, interesting, innovative and/or compelling.
  • Can you demonstrate a market need for your book and is there a clear use case for your book?
  • Which market segment is your proposed book aimed at? Which sector or practice area would the book be aimed at? What type of lawyer is it aimed at? For example, is it an in-depth narrative aimed at the Bar, or a practitioner handbook aimed at high street solicitors? Would it appeal to certain Top 100 firms or local government lawyers, for example?
  • Is the scope of your book's concept wide enough to be of interest to readers on a global scale or is the work of interest to a particular jurisdiction?
  • Can you tell us about your experience, practice work and background and how this makes you the person or team to write this contribution to the literature?

Please find our Proposal Form here. Remember that our Publishers can provide you with help to craft your proposal so don't hesitate to get in touch, especially in the early stages, to discuss your idea.

Your completed proposal should be emailed to our Editorial Content Manager Judith Hudson