If you are planning simple changes to your home, or major work like an extension or loft conversion, an industry recognised JCT Home Owner Contract can help you protect your investment in your home and ensure your project is completed successfully.

JCT Home Owner Contracts are downloadable PDFs so you can buy, download and start filling out a contract for your project today.

JCT Home Owner Contracts:

Give you legal peace of mind:

Having a building contract in place gives both sides security should difficulties arise at any stage in the project.

Help you manage your project:

Helps you manage your home improvements by recording the essential details such as costs and timings in one document.

Are fair to both sides:

Makes clear the expectations and responsibilities of both sides.

Are easy to follow:

With no technical or legal jargon JCT Home Owner Contracts are easy to follow and have the Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark for Clarity

Are Industry recognised and respected:

The Homeowner Contracts are produced by the JCT , an independent organisation and the leading contract providers to the construction industry.