Building Contract for a Home Owner/Occupier who has not
appointed a consultant to oversee the work (HO/B)

If you are hiring a builder and will be overseeing their work yourself, this contract is for you.

This contract covers:

Part 1: The arrangements for the work

  • The work to be done
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulations and party walls
  • Using facilities on the premises
  • Price
  • Payment
  • The working period
  • Product guarantees, Insurance
  • Working hours
  • Occupation and security of the premises
  • Disputes

Part 2: The conditions

  • Contractor's responsibilities
  • Customer's responsibilities
  • Health and safety
  • Changing the work details
  • Extending the working period
  • Payment
  • Contractor's continuing responsibility
  • Bringing the contract to an end
  • Right to cancel
  • Insolvency
  • Other rights and remedies
  • Law of the contract


  • You can only use the contract once, one contract per contractor
  • Only the purchaser can use the contract, you may not give the contract to anyone else to use for their project
  • If you want to show the contractor the contract before finalising you can save and print draft versions of the contract.
  • Fill in your name and address and that of your builder on page 2 of the contract. You will then need to check the box on page 6 that you are using the contract for one project, save the file and click the Print Draft button
  • You may not remove, change or obscure any product identification or notices of proprietary rights and restrictions.
  • You may not remove, change or obscure the contact identifiers on a contract.
  • The Home Owner Contracts are not suitable for use in Scotland.