European Cross Border Estate Planning helps you to advise individuals who are exposed to more than one European tax regime of capital taxes. It's the only text you'll need when dealing with conflicts of laws and issues of double taxation.

The looseleaf includes information and advice on working in the EU and Europe, and the best options for US citizens resident in Europe. Each country is given a dedicated chapter, where the general law and the taxation laws are comprehensively covered. This gives you the background and estate planning tools you need to advise private clients on how to minimise their taxation, and best plan for the future of their estates.

European Cross Border Estate Planning discusses legal entities, the concepts of domicile and residence, considers reliefs and exemptions and explains the law relating to the estates of deceased individuals.

This looseleaf was formerly known as Capital Taxes and Estate Planning in Europe.

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The European Cross Border Estate Planning is endorsed by STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).