Brooke's Notary is a vital reference work, containing important information on notarial practice and procedure in England and Wales as well as many foreign jurisdictions.

This essential title examines the functions and powers of notaries, the procedure for admission as a notary, the different classes of notary and the training and appointment of notaries.
It looks at the formalities of a notarial act and the evidentiary status of notarial acts in both civil and common law jurisdictions.

Major revisions to the 13th edition deal with the impact of the Companies Act 2006 and recent legislative reforms in relation to the execution of deeds by bodies corporate and individuals. Incorporating all key developments since publication of the last edition Brooke’s Notary examines in detail the impact of the Legal Services Act 2007 on the notarial profession, covers the Court of Faculties and looks at the rules governing the profession including the Notaries Practice Rules 2001.

It is updated to cover the new evidential rule within the CPR relating to notarial acts and instruments and also considers the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 to which notaries are subject.

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