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“Mr Loophole” most high profile lawyer over the last year (in .pdf) – October 2010

Legal disputes over company names shoot up 43% (in .pdf) - October 2010

FTSE-100 Company High Court cases jump 16% in one year (in .pdf) – September 2010

Claims against public bodies fuel 54% surge in privacy cases (in .pdf) – August 2010

Jump in defamation cases driven by celebrities and sports personalities (in .pdf) – August 2010

Construction disputes leap by almost a third during the credit crunch (in .pdf) – August 2010

Ten years of the Terrorism Act 2000 (in .pdf) – July 2010

Repossessions in low income areas on the up (in .pdf) – July 2010

Lawtel launch a new service providing advance notice of key legal cases (in .pdf) – July 2010

Growing proportion of prison sentences reduced on appeal (in .pdf) – July 2010

Contested divorce settlements on the up (in .pdf) – July 2010

Lord Justice Jackson appointed Editor-in-Chief of the White Book (in .pdf) – July 2010

Landlords evicting tenants cases jump 23% as credit crunch takes hold (in .pdf) – June 2010

Personal injury disputes jump 32% in two years (in .pdf) - June 2010

Legal disputes involving squatters surge due to financial crisis (in .pdf) - May 2010

Number of laws introduced over the last year jumps 21% (in .pdf) - April 2010

Sweet & Maxwell acquires legal publishing arm of Shaw & Sons (in .pdf) - April 2010

Sweet & Maxwell's annual survey of Financial Directors of law Firms (in .pdf) - March 2010

Research suggests 2010 is likely to witness a spike in mergers and team hires amongst top law firms (in .pdf) - March 2010

Downward pressure on fees from clients now seen as biggest threat to commercial law firms (in .pdf) - March 2010

First increase in reported Human Rights cases in seven years (in .pdf) - February 2010

Government refusing ever more Freedom of Information Act requests (in .pdf) - February 2010

Creditor’s applications to the courts to deduct debts from employees’ salaries rises to nearly 45000 in just six months (in .pdf) - January 2010

What can creditors do when a sovereign nation defaults? Asks Dr Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal in his new book Legal Aspects of Sovereign Debt Restructuring - December 2009

Mr Justice Eady: Laws relating to the right to privacy should evolve through the UK courts rather than through legislation. (Keynote address at Sweet & Maxwell/JUSTICE Free Speech versus Privacy conference) - December 2009

24% jump in applications by creditors to seize money before it hits debtors' bank accounts - December 2009

The Criminal Appeal Reports reaches 100th anniversary - November 2009 

Top law firms fail to make proper use of alumni networks - October 2009

Over 56% of FTSE-100 High Court cases involve financial services companies - October 2009

Use of Privacy Law no longer confined to celebrities - October 2009

Reigning in the cowboy builder with the launch of comprehensive online building contracts - September 2009

Who are the highest profile legal figures of the past 12 months? - August 2009

Sweet & Maxwell acquires City & Financial Publishing portfolio - August 2009

Defamation cases increase by a third; cases brought by businesses more than trebles - July 2009

A growing number of Freedom of Information Act requests are being refused; delays in dealing with requests lengthen - July 2009

Businesses risk unlimited fines if they break environmental laws; fly-tippers could be imprisoned for up to five years - June 2009

Top 100 law firms turn to flexible working to help weather recession - June 2009

Staff turnover at Top 100 commercial law firms down by a quarter this year - May 2009

SFO Director issues get tough message to fraudsters - May 2009

Downturn in corporate work is the greatest threat to profitability, confirm Commercial law firms - February 2009

Do even hedge funds have human rights? The Human Rights Act is being applied to an ever broader range of issues - January 2009

FSA must become more forceful in prosecuting financial crimes in order to repair public confidence in the financial system - November 2008

English Common Law is the most widespread legal system in the world - November 2008

Size no bar to innovation reveals Top Legal Employers research - October 2008

Credit crunch throws banking chiefs under the spotlight - October 2008

Proportion of defamation cases featuring celebrities continues to rise - October 2008

Boom in credit crunch litigation puts expert witnesses in short supply - September 2008

First year as Prime Minister sees Gordon Brown introduce 6% more new legislation than Tony Blair - June 2008

Express Wills major upgrade lowers risk of future Wills disputes - June 2008

Now it's eight new laws every day! - June 2008

Research reveals support departments now playing a central role in the running of law firms - April 2008

Sweet & Maxwell acquires Criminal Law Week - April 2008

Taxpayers given welcome extension on IHT and trusts - April 2008

Thomson Corporation acquires Digita, a leading UK accountancy software provider - April 2008

Businesses need to get to grips with 82 new statutes and statutory instruments coming into force on April 6th - March 2008

Human Rights Act used in wide scope of cases in British courts - March 2008

Risk of downturn in corporate work a key concern for law firms as credit crunch bites - February 2008

Homeowners could be liable for the cost of cleaning up contaminated land - February 2008

Deadly start to the avalanche season highlights tougher attitude to compensation claims - February 2008

Radical shift in the role of Legal Librarians as they become responsible for crucial market intelligence - January 2008